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Our view: Opportunities to be heard many

July 23, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions. The primary elections are almost upon us and people in Leavenworth County's 3rd District have plenty of candidates to choose from. There are a whopping seven candidates in the Republican primary for that district, with a lone Democrat waiting to take on the top Republican in the November general election.

There are several other offices at stake as well, including county sheriff and attorney races, as well as races in the Kansas and U.S. houses of representatives.

With each race comes a chance for citizens' concerns to be voiced. The Mirror started online chats for local candidates last week. That will continue as the primaries draw even closer, and people are welcome to submit questions before and during the online chats. Area candidate forums are being planned as well.

In addition, The Mirror is conducting weekly polls to get a feel for what people's opinions are on various subjects. Although the online poll is not a scientific one and sometimes might be an apple to the candidate forum and online chat oranges, it's also a chance to be heard. Especially if online users submit comments about the vote at hand.

Having dialogue about topics is important, especially when it comes to deciding who will represent us in government.


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