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July 30, 2008

Kathy, Tom and David Powell left July 5 to see her folks, Helen and Bill Nowlan at Lake George near Colorado Springs, Colo. They returned home July 13 and had a wonderful time.

Kathy and Tom Powell had the elders from First Christian Church in Leavenworth, 16 people total, over for lunch at their home in Springdale on July 20.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Parsons announced the birth of their daughter, born June 3. Sarai Grace Parsons weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces.

The Annual Farm Bureau supper was held Tuesday evening July 22 at the Heritage Center in Leavenworth with a nice group attending from the Springdale area. A lovely meal was served by Livewire 4-H Club.

The program consisted of awards. Wayne Knapp received a plaque for 60 years as a member of the Leavenworth County Farm Bureau. All of his family came and attended the celebration, including Kirk Knapp, Estal and Judy Knapp, Debbie, Ryan and Shannon Tendle. Mike Knapp, Wayne's father, also once received a plaque for 60 years.

Sharon Lynn of Leavenworth was out visiting her sister Evelyn Schwinn on July 19. She took home some very good sweet corn.

David and Julie Zule entertained on Sunday July 20 for their daughter Lauren, who turned 12 that day. Attending the cookout were her brother Derek and sister Courtney, great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Joy, Holly, Madison and Mason Everett also attended. She had birthday cake made by her grandma, Linda Schwinn.

Luke and Emily Cole spent July 22 with their Grandma Cole and Aunt Connie Cook for an outing.

The area farmers are having some great weather to put up their hay, and because of all the moisture we have had the hay is outstanding this year.

Emma Wennberg, a Swedish cousin of Walt and Ellie Chrisman and Steve had lunch with the Chrismans and then showed her where L.J.'s grandfather lived. She is one of August Tinberg's sister's family.

Wayne and Anabel Knapp attended the McLouth Ninth Annual Community Church Social on July 19 at McLouth Nazarene Church. After a welcome, the flag was raised, the National Anthem was sung and the pledge of allegiance was recited. The food was blessed and fellowship and a lovely meal followed. A tribute was given to all military, veterans, police, fire fighters and first responders. After some music, messages were presented by pastors Morgan and Andy Smith - Morgan from McLouth Methodist Church and Andy from Winchester Methodist Church. An offering was taken to benefit McLouth Ministerial Alliance and the evening closed in prayer.

David Beverly Sparks and Jannelle Morris left Friday July 11 to visit Beverly's folks, Don and Shirley Haslam, in Utah. They arrived back home in Springdale Sunday, July 20. They had a nice vacation and enjoyed the trip.


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