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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

June 18, 2008

Mary M. said, "I got my start in sewing during those fun 4-H days as I grew up. Those were such fun projects, even though it was really hard work. But we did the work ourselves. We really earned those ribbons. I'm so glad to see such great things still happening."

She recently helped her granddaughter make a jean skirt. "We did hers a little differently," she said, "and it was such a hit with her friends, you'll see more and more of these. 'I think that's how these fads start,'" she told her granddaughter.

They used the backs of the jean legs, cut into panels. Instead of a hem, they snipped or cut up into the bottom of the skirt tiny little slits next to each other all the way around, and about an inch to an inch-and-a-half up into the skirt, making a fringed bottom instead of the usual hem. They added a pocket made by fringing all the way around the pocket piece before sewing it onto the skirt.

"The fringing was so cute we made some strips of it sewn on at random, scattered over the skirt," she said.

"That was our first skirt. The second was just a trial but turned out to be the favorite, and the one most copied by her friends.

"This one we made from the wide flared bottom-legged jeans, letting the skirt come to just above the knees - almost a mini skirt."

Thanks for those great ideas and thanks for sharing. As we've often said, those old jeans just never die.

Here's a great summer project, mom: When the kids cut those worn jeans into shorts, etc., save the pieces for a cute skirt.

Summer will be too short, but have a great one.

Hugs to all and God bless now.

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