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Connie O’Brien candidate questionnaire responses

June 26, 2008

Editor's note: The following are responses to a questionnaire mailed to candidates in the upcoming Aug. 5 primary election. Look for more candidate profiles and full responses to the questions leading up to the primary.

Name: Connie O'Brien

Place of residence: Tonganoxie

Birthdate: Oct. 12, 1946

Connie O'Brien

Connie O'Brien

Family: Edward O'Brien, husband; Dana, Teri, John, Jill, Aimee, Shaun, Michael, Erin, Mark, Derek and Mary, children; nine grandchildren

Religion: Catholic

Education: B.A. in secondary education/social studies from St. Mary College in Leavenworth

Occupation: Retired teacher/substitute teacher

Political and government experience: Precinct committeewoman for Tonganoxie Rural since 1992, vice chair for the Leavenworth County Republican Party, district and state delegate to the Kansas Republican Party

Clubs or organizations: Leavenworth County Republican Women, Altar Society at Sacred Heart Church, 4-H Club, Kansans for Life and Dwight D. Eisenhower Excellence in Public Service series

Why are you running for state representative? "I am running for state representative, because there are many issues we need to address, including tax relief, education, energy and immigration, and I want to make sure common sense ideas and values prevail."

What would be your top priority if elected to the Legislature? "Whether we like it or not, the budget will be a top priority in Kansas. With a projected $188 million shortfall by 2010 and a $400 million (shortfall) the following year, we need to return to the principle of fiscal responsibility. Legislators must resist the impulse to spend, we must look for areas to cut spending and resist all efforts to raise taxes. We cannot tax ourselves into prosperity."

Would you support a no-growth state budget for public schools and higher education? "No."

What should be done on the state level about illegal immigration? "Respect for the laws of our country is a prerequisite to legal immigration. I will oppose giving benefits reserved for legal immigrants to those who enter our country or state illegally. We need to take away the incentives which promote illegal immigration. No drivers license should be issued to an illegal immigrant, no in-state tuition and business owners must help by screening prospective employees. Those who knowingly hire illegal immigrants must face stiff penalties. If we take away the incentives, illegal immigrants will not choose to come to Kansas."

Are you in favor of locating additional coal-fired power plants in the state? Why or why not? "I support the expansion of the Holcomb Power Plant. Affordable energy needs demand that we develop dependable energy resources now. This plant expansion would have created much needed jobs, boosted the economy, secured lower energy cost and created additional revenue for the state without raising taxes. My motto is job creation not taxation."

Would you support an increase in the cigarette tax? "No."

What areas of the state budget should be reduced? What areas should be increased? "State government jobs have increased dramatically. Government jobs make up 19 percent of the total work force in Kansas. Recent government job growth has placed Kansas well above the majority of other states. We need to curtail and downsize government growth and bureaucracies while expanding policies that promote private sector job growth."

What should be done on the state level to reduce gasoline prices? "The high gas prices we are currently experiencing are the result of an unwillingness to develop our own energy resources. At the state level, lowering the gas tax would provide only temporary relief. Promoting policies that encourage development of our energy resources is the only long-term solution."

What differentiates you from the other candidates filing for this office? "I am a woman and a mother. I am the mother of 11 children, and I know what it means to live within a budget. I am a fiscal and social conservative. I believe these are the values shared by a majority of Kansans and the people of the 42nd District."


Brittanicus 11 years, 9 months ago

Republican Connie O'Brien has a platform that anti-illegal immigrants groups support. If you are fed up and frustrated that other politicians are pandering to special interest groups, you might want to vote for this lady. The fact that we have been invaded, by millions of illegal cheap labor is without question. Now we must find a remedy for this major problem, that grows far worse every day. Finding the right people that have not been contaminated by political campaign donors or panders to the illegal aliens for potential votes, is extremely difficult. Both Obama, McCain will sign a new AMNESTY into law, that will wreck further our economy. Not for the predator businesses, but for the taxpayers. Porous borders enable illegal immigrants to enter our nation and threaten the jobs and do lower the wages of Americans.

Ice has a ICE Tipline: 1-866-DHS-2ICE for intelligence to locate illegal aliens, or predatory businesses that employ them who should be harshly punished. Democrats must sponsor the pending SAVE ACT (4088) as Either president will bring us a paramount AMNESTY, that will condemn taxpayers to even more free rides for illegal foreign nationals.We must swamp the Democrats with this demand now or suffer consequence of proportions never imagined by us or our children. Toll-free at (202-224-3121 ). Read unsuppressed facts at NUMBERSUSA.


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