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Pastor’s Corner

March 19, 2008

One of my high school coaches always had quirky quotes he would share with the team. For example, "Never make a rule you can't enforce. You'll lose their respect and your own authority."

He was referencing our off-the-field conduct as players; he hoped and believed we would take responsibility of our own lives to live within the value system he was teaching.

God gives us a value system to live by in his word, we choose a lifestyle of sin or one of obedience to God. Once upon a time, the sexual immorality, drugs, and violent crimes were for the most part in the 'places' one would expect. These places were usually where God was not invited.

Remove God and what do you have left?

Today, we now see these violent crimes in places we didn't use to expect. Schools and government offices across our nation consistently make front-page news involving most any crime imaginable.


I believe it is because as a nation our governing powers have simply asked God to leave these facilities, and when you ask God to leave what's left?

In one of our prayer groups we pray for our nation, state, city and schools. We decided as Christians to personally invite God back into every school and government facility. As believers in Almighty God, we know how absurd it is to think we can establish a rule stating you can't pray to God or keep him from being anywhere! There is no way you can enforce that rule. You can keep it from being spoken in a public forum, but stop anyone from talking to God and being with God, no way.

The respect and authority has been damaged immensely.

I believe if we continually invite God back into these places we can have new hope for the values that God wants for us all.

Please join us with this prayer. Thank you and God's best blessings to you this Easter season.

- Dan Eller is pastor at Tonganoxie Heartland Church of the Nazarene.


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