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May 7, 2008

Ah, the beauty of spring - it is spring isn't it? I love this time of year as the flowers begin to come alive and people start to wander out of their seclusions.

The days get longer and the same sun that shone in the coldness of winter now brings with its rising a warmth for us to enjoy. Often, you will hear people say that after such a long hibernation they seem to be "getting back in touch with nature." I wonder how many of them really understand what they are saying?

Romans 1:20-21 tells us that God is revealed in His creation with such clarity that mankind stands before Him without excuse. We can see the power of God revealed in the storms as the lightening flashes and the winds blow. We realize the protection of God as the storms pass and we are unscathed as we see the clouds part and the sun shine through once again. We understand that God keeps His promises as the seasons change and now the whole earth begins to come alive. We are privileged to partake of the provisions of God as the crops begin to spring forth and man is able to enjoy the fruit of his labors.

There is so much more Divine revelation in creation, but earlier in the chapter, Paul tells us how God has shown the whole world His passion and great love for its people. It is in the Gospel (verse 16), which is the death, burial and resurrection of God's only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Here is the problem that man has - he sees God's creation and says, "yes, there is a God." Then he pins his hopes of eternity upon that simple belief of the existence of God. The power of salvation that Paul speaks of is in the realization that God is a just God and right in preparing a place called hell for those who would reject His offer of love and reconciliation. The Bible says "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved."

Oh yes, there is one more revelation of God in His creation. It is His praise as the birds sing glory to God with sweet trill of their voices. Even the croak of the frog, which sounds so un-majestic in the ears of man, is high praise to God because he is simply doing that which God created him to do. So, as you venture out, take a look around and see God. He is unmistakable. Give Him the praise He so rightly deserves. Even that will bring joy to your soul.


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