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Looking back before graduation

Senior Salute

May 14, 2008

This is my final week of high school.

Amazing - I have spent roughly 2,160 days of my life completing a K-12 education, but as I come down to these last few days I find myself reminiscing. I didn't attend kindergarten in Tonganoxie, but joined the class of 2008 in first grade.

My teacher that year was Mrs. Wickey, and what I remember most is when she told my parents I was very "social," which now I realize meant I spent too much time talking in class. It was in her class that I first experienced having to sit at the "no talking" table at lunch.

One of my more vivid memories from fifth grade includes the trip to Exchange City in Kansas City, Mo. We each had a job and received a salary, and at the same time had to deal with expenses. My job was at the tempo shop where I had to make sand sculptures. That experience may have helped me to realize that art probably wouldn't be my calling and that I should explore other options.

Mrs. Mahoney was my fifth-grade teacher and one of our assignments was to demonstrate something for the class. I think my demonstration made her a bit queasy, although she did say it was one of the most original ones she had witnessed. My dog had had stitches removed the week before and I remember being very interested in how they took those out. So my mom made multiple lacerations on a pig's foot (dead) and then sutured them up. I took the foot to school and taught the class how to remove stitches. It was another one of those times when it was helpful to have a mom who was a nurse practitioner and who taught suturing to medical students.

A couple years later came my first day of junior high. I must admit I was a bit nervous about changing classes every hour. But what I remember being the most nervous about was that locker combination. However, I was not alone - we all were sure we wouldn't remember it or it wouldn't work. Thank goodness for Patrick Holton's mother, Louise, who worked in the TJHS office and now is in the TMS office - she was the go-to person for most of us throughout junior high. And who can forget Mr. Woolf - former TJHS and TMS principal Steve Woolf - standing in the junior high drive everyday directing traffic.

It seems impossible that my three years at THS are coming to an end. I am proud to be a member of the class of 2008. My class has many accomplished athletes and scholars. Since entering high school I have seen the girls basketball team go to state twice, the girls volleyball team go to state this year, the softball team go to state, the boys football team go to playoffs three years, and the baseball team hand Bishop Ward its first league loss in five years.

It is somewhat ironic for me that our graduation ceremony will be held at the football stadium. It was at the stadium, with Mr. Walker's expertise and encouragement that I began learning about filming sports events. That first assignment for my media course developed into an intense interest to unite my love of sports with media. I feel very fortunate that I was able to develop skills that will provide me with the background necessary to pursue a degree in sports broadcasting and journalism at Pittsburg State.

Graduation is a time for reflection and celebration. I have many good memories of my school years, friends and teachers to reflect on. And so I, along with my classmates will celebrate our time at THS and our departure - as we prepare for our futures.


nowasell 9 years, 11 months ago

Grant- what a fabulous reflection-- poignant but not mushy . Good luck in college :)


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