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Remember to get out again Tuesday

November 4, 2008

We can be almost certain that voter turnout numbers will be through the roof once all the statistics are finalized and the dust settles from the historic general election.

Stories about folks waiting in long lines to vote are exciting. Sure, no one wants to be stuck in a line more than they have to, but the thought of so many getting out to vote is truly inspiring.

However, it would be wonderful to see local residents head to Leavenworth one week later for another national event — Veterans Day.

Once again, Leavenworth will hold its longstanding Veterans Day Parade in its downtown district.

It could be difficult to take off work a second Tuesday in a row, but it’s worth the effort if you can manage it.

The parade is a great way to show veterans that we appreciate all they’ve done for our country.

People have flocked to numerous political rallies. Perhaps they went because their favorite candidates inspire them. Or they might just have a hobby of attending as many rallies as they can.

Politicians aren’t always the best individuals to look up to, but there certainly are some who are worthy.

When it comes to our veterans, though, it’s a no-brainer, and political feelings about the current war should be a moot point.

On Tuesday, we ask that you make an effort to attend the parade.

If not, be sure to tell the veterans you know “Thanks” for their service to our country.

And remember, we wouldn’t be able to keep voting on the first Tuesday in November if it weren’t for the people we are honoring this year on the second Tuesday in November.


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