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How to prepare a turkey, according to kindergartners

November 25, 2008

Kindergarten students at Tonganoxie Elementary School wrote their takes on how to properly prepare turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Here are responses from Brenda Frost's kindergarten class:

Clay Rose

1. tak out the fethrs

2. poot the turkey in the uvn. cook for to minits. tak owt the turkey uv the uvn.

Narissa Reed Calloway

“My Turkey Not Yours”

1. tak the fethrs owt.

2. cook it for 100 in the ovin.

3. tak it out and eat.

Demi Hall

Don’t et me! Ples be a hrbivor. I go to the stur to get a turkey. I put the turkey on the uvn and I cuk for 200 deges. and I Tak it owt The uvn. Eat it!

Cadence Cole

“Make a Turkey”

Go to the stor get a turkey. Go home and poot it in the uvin. Cook on 38 dgres for 2 howrs. Get it owt uv the uvin and eta.

Alex Stewart

I will git it owt uv the uvn and I will puton dressing and I will kook the turkey in the uvn for 8100 degrees and et it.

Quinton Maggert

Cuk the turkey put the turkey in the The uvn and cuk it for 225 mins. Cut it and eat it.

Elizabeth Elliott

“How to cook a turkey”

1. Hunt a turkey.

2. pull the fethers out.

3 Hete the oven to 25.

4 Cook it for 35 minits.

5. Pull it out uve the oven

6. Suv It to famale!

Kyle Chambers

Put stfing in the turkey. Put the turkey in the uvin for 10 to 25 mnits. Cooc it for 20 dugres. Thin we eat.

Abby Marcouillier

1. I bid a turkey

2. Thin I put in the

3. uvn. Cuk for 6 minits.

4. tac owt for my famle.


dinr time!

1. Breng it home

2. tak the fathers owt.

3. and pot in the uvin for 6 mines and tak it owt and et it. Yum!

Laney Dale

How do you kooc a Turkey

1. You by a turkey

2. and you poot it in

3. the uvin and you

4. tak it uw uv

5. the uvin and you eat the turkey

Colby Smith

“How to make a turkey”

by a turkey at the stor thin cuk in the uvin thin you pot sutfing in the turkey cok it 25 dogreys four 5 minits. take it out and eat it.

Caeden Woods

“My turkey not yours”

1. olways tak out the fathrus. 2. chek the temprachur. 3. pot turkey in the ufin. 4. tak out turkey. 5. and eat.

Cameron Babcock

1.Get a turkey

2. Put buther in the turkey.

3. Put it in the ovin.

4. Pik off the fethrs.

5. Put it on for 100.

6. Tak it out of the ofin

Anna Edmonds

Sit uvin four 14 degrees

poot the turkey in the uvn. den cook four fourteen minits.

Makayla Logan

“Help me help me down I go I am a turkey”

1. By a turkey

2. Pot it in the ovin

3. cook for 20 minits and et it.

Jeffrey Ramseier

“Turkey Time”

Step one get the turkey. kook the turkey. Get the uoyll. pit in the uvin tac out the turkey then yor turkey is redee

Matthew Bridges

“My Turkey”

1. I git a turkey.

2 Pot in the uvn.

3. Kook for 22 mints.

4. Tak owt and et.


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