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Our View: School space issue

October 1, 2008

These are uncertain times. With the Wall Street bailout heating up on everyone’s front burner and the economy as a whole needing to see better days, the last thing we want to discuss is higher taxes.

But at Monday’s community meeting at Tonganoxie Middle School to discuss space needs at Tonganoxie Elementary School, such talk was needed.

Talk of another bond issue, just four years after a $25.3 million school bond issue passed, was at center-stage. It was the first meeting to discuss the current situation, so if and when voters will decide on more funding for more schools is strictly hypothetical at this point.

Still, the dialogue that took place at the meeting built a good foundation for much more discussion about an important issue that not only affects current taxpayers, but will affect future generations of our community.

Monday’s meeting was a chance to evaluate and debate various options about the issue at hand. And many more such meetings will occur in the future. If one has any interest in this process, one would be wise to get involved now.

Tonganoxie is a great place to live because one gets the best of many worlds — a small town with all the advantages that come with it, but also the convenience of driving relatively short distances to take in all that a larger city has to offer. With that in mind, it would be naive to think the small town won’t have its share of growth. And with growth comes the need for ample educational opportunities.

At a time when families must deal with higher prices everywhere they turn and an unstable economy, it’s tough to even think about talking about committing more money to fund more schools.

But the only way to plan for a brighter future is to start planning right now.


Trouble 9 years, 6 months ago

I can not believe that the school board and that Superintendent we have is even talking about a new school what is wrong with you people? You need to get your heads out of the sand and stop to think about the tax payer who have to pay for all these buildings. Do any of you have to work for a living? WE still have the $25.3 MILLION school bond issue we have to pay for and you want to put another $16. MILLION to that. I think the kids in the Elementary school could tell you that this make no sense at this time. Do you watch the news or pick up a news paper or can you even read? To see that the people that pay for all these new schools are hitting hard times. Most people are having a hard time getting back and forth to work, putting food on the table, make there rent or house payments. You so called leader want us to pay for another school when we haven't even paid for the new one or the remodeling to the elementary school and high school. Way to go LEADERS!! Let talk about the remodeling at the elementary school how much did we spend there and now we need a bigger one what a waste of money. You people are making great decisions. How would we manage with out you, maybe have more money to feed our kids!!


aprildohle 9 years, 6 months ago

I would like to see our school board change the 'open border' policy. While I have never been given an exact number, there are students enrolled in our district, who often are transported on our district buses, that live outside of USD464. These out-of-district students each occupy classroom space that is apparently in short supply. Clearly this move is not a long-term solution to addressing space issues but, in my opinion, one that needs to be made.


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