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Remember when: a community review

October 1, 2008

10 years ago: September 16, 1998

It has become a very "bearable" life for Vickie Dohle and her mother, Allegra Pool, both of Tonganoxie. For the past four years, their after work hours have been filled with stitching up costumes for hundreds of little 12-inch bears, preparing for the Renaissance Festival that begins each September in Bonner Springs, where they display and sell the bears.

Tony the Tiger, a clown and Humpty Dumpty were among more than 50 hot-air balloons that took to the clear sky Saturday over Richards-Gebaur Memorial Airport as BalloonFest ’98 soared toward success. The three-day festival was sponsored by the Kansas City Chapter of Sertoma International with support from other Sertoma Chapters and a multitude of corporate and individual sponsors.

Deaths: Gracie A. Dyer, 77, Tonganoxie, died September 11, 1998; Marguerite L. Hinrichs, 99, formerly of Olathe, died September 11, 1998, at the Tonganoxie Nursing Center.

Births: Paul and Tiffany Mills joyfully announce the blessing of a son, Brennan Paul, born September 2, 1998; Paul and Theresa Mast are proud to announce the birth of their son, Michael James, born September 10, 1998.

25 years ago: September 14, 1983

Deaths: Chester Bunce, 63, Lancaster, Calif., a former resident of the Lecompton area, died September 6, 1983; Lillian B. Rodenburg, 97, formerly of Leavenworth, died Wednesday in a hospital in Denver, Colo.

Birth: Jim and Vicky Gunkel are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Hanna Marie on August 29, 1983.

Dina M. Parmer, Tonganoxie, participated in an interior design field experience offered through Kansas State University, Manhattan.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Smith hosted a birthday dinner Sunday in honor of her father, Mr. Carl Miner, of Hiawatha, who was celebrating his 80th birthday.

Father Morarity, the pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church enjoyed a 19-day trip back to Ireland. There he visited a brother and three sisters and their families.

Frank Rice, Tonganoxie, was recently honored by the Shrine Bowl of Kansas for his outstanding contributions to the Shrine Bowl. Mr. Rice has worked in some capacity every year since the football game started, the proceeds of which go to benefit crippled children. Frank was one of the 15 recipients in the state who received a plaque.

50 years ago: October 2, 1958

Deaths: W. Orville Kenton, 41, Basehor, was killed in an automobile accident near Manhattan, September 27, 1958; Mrs. Annie Christina Bowman, Tonganoxie, passed away September 27, 1958, at the age of 82 years; Mortimer Allen (Morty) Duncanson, Tonganoxie, passed away September 25, 1958, at the age of 85 years.

A group of neighbor ladies gathered at the home of Mrs. L. F. Young on Monday afternoon for a surprise birthday party honoring her 83rd birthday.

After 32 years in the feed and seed business in Tonganoxie, Vern Trosper has sold his business to J. M. Jack, owner of the Tonga Elevator Company. The transfer took place on October 1.

M-Sgt. Wm. J. Robb was recently promoted to Senior M-Sgt. They have made two new grades, Senior and Chief M-Sgt. He was one of six out of 200 to make Senior, and hopes to make chief in six months.

Reno: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Raney and Gordon were called to Stark Thursday by the death of Mrs. Raney’s father, Claude Colvin.

75 years ago: September 7, 1933

Henry Toburen returned last weekend from a month’s trip to the World’s Fair in Chicago, a visit in Milwaukee and some time at Excelsior Springs. He reports an enjoyable visit at the fair in Chicago and his stay at Excelsior Springs put him back in physical trim.

Eugene Papenhausen, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Papenhausen, who live north of Tonganoxie, broke his right arm near the elbow and the wrist when he fell from the hayloft of the barn at his home.

The following births were reported this week: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pearson, southwest of Tonganoxie on Saturday, Sept. 2, and a son to Mr. and Mrs. Milton Thornton, west of Tonganoxie on Wednesday evening, September 6.

Linwood: Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hubbard announce the birth of a son, whom they have named Lawrence Robert.

Elmwood: The Elmwood School opened Monday with an enrollment of 15 students and Miss Lula Lewis as teacher.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hawkins went to Wilder Friday to the home of her brother, H. B. Griffith, the occasion being that of a double wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Griffith were married Sept. 1, 1897, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins, September 4 of the same year.

Mound: School opened Monday with Miss Lois Penfold teacher. Enrollment is 29 pupils.

100 years ago: September 17, 1908

A message received here from the Copeland Islands, a small group off County Down, says that a local fisherman Wednesday shot a snake-like sea monster and secured the body. It is 30 feet long and six feet in circumference and has a fan shaped tail and a head like a seal. Many photographs of it have been taken.

Wright Makes New Record — Washington, D.C. Orville Wright Thursday broke the world’s record for time and distance for a heavier-than-air flying machine which he established Wednesday. In a flight requiring great skill, he circled around the drill grounds at Fort Myer 58 times in 65 minutes and 53 seconds, exceeding the time of Wednesday’s record flight by three minutes and 37 seconds. The flight was witnessed by nearly 1,000 persons.

The airship of the future will be lifted by a mechanism something like a spiral. It will have the ability to rise without first giving it forward momentum and it will not imitate closely the flight of birds. With the helical lifting appliance, proved propellers and devices for maintaining balance in the air the future airship will fly into the teeth of the wind, will rise to heights where favorable currents may be found, or skim the surface of the earth. Yes, navigation of the air will surely come. It is simply a question of applying mechanical knowledge in a new way.

Tonganoxie black people will on Saturday celebrate their emancipation from slavery. An interesting program has been arranged and will be carried out at Elm Park. D. R. Anthony, of Leavenworth, candidate for Congress, will be one of the speakers.


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