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Letter to the editor: All votes are important

October 22, 2008

I just have to sound off on the lack of concern for the nearing presidential election. I have heard, “My one vote will not make any difference.”

If it was just that one vote that we missed, maybe so. But I have heard this more than just one time. That is what has me upset. It is a privilege to vote and have some sort of say, no matter how small, in the future of our next generation(s). I would do anything for my family. I believe that voting is one of those things that I need to do as a good parent and grandparent. So voting to me is not an option. It is an obligation to my family that I love dearly. My question is this: Why would any intelligent American want to leave the future of their family to a so-called “wheel of chance?”

Barbara Collier,



pkien39 9 years, 7 months ago

It was the subprime loans that got us into the financial crises. Problems for financial institutions also deepen, wall street continued to shrink. Our cure will take years to fix. How are we going to pay for the eight hundred billion bail out. Families and financial institutions together will suffer as goods and products unwind. This country will be in a downturn for many years. The global recession is wipeing out our future earnings of our own companies in America. We are looking at borrowing billions of dollars maybe trillion of dollars. My greatest concern is, who and how do we pay this back. My sympathy is for the youth of our nation. The great depression in the 30's started with a recession because of people over spending. Sen. Obama's answer is to tax the rich. No, that is not the answer. The answer is clearly Sen. McCain's, we have to quit spending.. I fear should Sen. Obama get elected with the democrats controlling both houses, this affair will be disastrous..


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