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October 22, 2008

I guess I may be dating myself a little, but I remember as a youngster seeing these little signs along the highway with a continued message — that's right the Berma Shave signs, I knew you would remember too. I always looked forward to seeing them, because they had some interesting sayings on them. I don't see them anymore, so I now look for signs of a different kind — church signs. We have one in front of our church, so I am always looking for something good to put out there for you to read as you go by. Occasionally, I will put something out that is cute or catchy, but I mostly want people to stop and think a little. Now, there is one small problem and that is that our letters are somewhat small for the speed that most people are going as they pass us by. I don't mean to imply that any of you are speeding, but if the lead foot fits... Anyway, my point is this. Because of the small print it causes people who are interested is seeing what it says, to slow down and focus in on the message. Because some people go by at a higher rate of speed, they miss what it says altogether. They obviously don’t mind missing it or they would slow down enough to read it. Isn’t that the way we are sometimes, in life. God has a message for us but we go speeding down the road and miss it. The alarm goes off and we jump out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and off we fly — there before us is a message from God being chirped out by the birds that say, “this is the day the Lord hath made.” Then we go cruising down the road and without any notice a car pulls right out in front of us, but somehow we are able to avoid a collision. Once again, a message from God that says “I have My angels looking out for you,” but we miss it. We are in such a rush that we don’t even see the beautiful rainbow and God's message that He has judged the sinfulness of the world and being a Righteous God, must judge our sin. Quickly, you make that last turn toward your office and pass that same church, as you do everyday, and once again you don’t see the cross on the steeple as God sends out the message that Christ died for your sin that Righteous God must judge. I know that life can be rather chaotic at times, but slow down and hear what God has to say. It could mean the difference between Heaven & Hell.

— Jim Melrose is pastor at Victory Baptist Church.


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