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Letter to the editor: Increasing administrator salary not wise in these tough times

October 29, 2008

To the editor:

Obviously, Tonganoxie is miraculously shielded from the federal, state and county financial crises that are plaguing our country.

Jobs are being cut, wages are frozen and notices to stop all unnecessary spending have been sent out.

The current crises do not affect our councilmen’s decision to give the current city administrator a raise of somewhere near $10,000 a year — the current contract was for $98,000 (including benefits) to $105,000 (including benefits) with another 7.5 percent performance raise and cost of living adjustment, and then another amount for car allowance.

It is really hard to imagine many of Tonganoxie’s city residents having salaries comparable to this. Short of a recall, we need to elect a responsible city government to keep this city solvent. We have one councilwoman who attempts to keep spending in line, but has no control over the bobbleheads who just nod and agree with every suggestion (maybe we should invest in neck braces). We are nearly $20 million in debt now. How can our councilmen and mayor justify this decision and it’s effect for three years?!

Tune that radio and/or television to the news channel, read the newspaper or go to the local cafes — hear how life is really going.

Roger Shilling,



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