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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

September 24, 2008

Grandma Julie makes some very special hand-made gifts for each and every new grandchild. She can't or won't make them until after the wee one arrives. "A baby wants something in his or her hands something to hang on to anyway," she said.

So she makes tiny, little initial pillows. She uses the first initial of their name, then with firmly-woven, sturdy cotton fabric (good enough to even chew on) she makes her pattern pieces about three inches wide, uses half-inch seams, double-stitching those seams. Then to fill or stuff the tiny pillows, she uses nylon hose with the tops' toes and heel sections cut off. Just in case that pillow ever breaks open she knows there is nothing for the child to swallow - NO cotton stuffing - and the nylon is tough and very soft and easy to poke into and stuff the tiny pillow. The nylon hose will dry quickly after washing.

The child can hang on to the tiny pillow. It just fits their little hands, of course. Use bright colors - they will learn to throw it, squeeze it, and, oh, when those teeth begin to come through, it's good and soft. It can't hurt their mouths and feels so good to chew on. Most of all it is very washable.

She also makes bibs out of soft and absorbent wash cloths. Just cut out a small half-circle out of one side to fit the baby's neck. Then, use folded bias tape to bind the cut edge, leaving long tails of the tape for ties.

Or, use finger-tip towels in the same way, only turn up a pocket on one end to catch spills.

Thank you so very much for these neat tips.

Listen closely to those kids' after-school chatter. Join into their school day.

Hugs now. Love and God bless you all.

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