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Comissioners not happy with EMS station progress

Construction workers work on the roof of the new EMS Station at 16th Street and Metropolitan Avenue in Leavenworth.

Construction workers work on the roof of the new EMS Station at 16th Street and Metropolitan Avenue in Leavenworth.

September 24, 2008

On Monday, Leavenworth County Commissioners took a tour of the Leavenworth County EMS station that is currently under construction to check on its progress.

They didn't like what they saw.

Commissioner J.C. Tellefson said a lot of work had been done since his visit a week ago, "But putting it up fast doesn't necessarily equate to doing it right," he said.

The need for the tour was brought up by a number of change orders that the county recently and reluctantly agreed to pay for.

The most recent of which was $3,190 to correct the damage done to the concrete on the foundation wall when the contractors were attaching joist hangers.

With more than 35 years in the construction business, Commissioner Dean Oroke lead the inspection team, which included commissioners Clyde Graeber and Tellefson, County Counselor David Van Parys and County Administrator Heather Morgan.

Among the list of changes were conforming with construction details like placement in truss clips and size and placement of windows and making sure that the contractors were working off of the construction documents and not the bid documents.

In total, 13 items were stated.

The commissioners stated that they wanted to inspect the building prior to the installation of insulation to make sure the changes were made properly.

These changes were made after Don Pruitt, of Horst, Terrill and Karst Architects, told the commission on Thursday that the project would not be able to be completed by its original Oct. 26 deadline but a new Nov. 3 finish date.

"It is aggressive. It can be done," Pruitt said. "I hope they do it."

Other change orders for this project included $550 to prevent uplift on the vehicle bay roof if the bay doors were open and hit with a strong gust of wind, and $1,070 to add a 30-inch door to comply with fire safety codes.

It is HTK's policy to reimburse the county some of the difference. HTK will give the county the difference in the cost of the change from the time of the bid to the cost at the time of the change order. HTK will reimburse the county $79.75 for the $3,190 change order for the joist hangers.

The commission voted, 2-1, to pay for the change orders with Oroke having the dissenting vote.

In other business:

¢ After a long pause where county commissioners were reluctant to make a motion to pay $2,508 extra this year for the Christmas Open House, Graeber finally made a motion for the extra funding that would compensate county employees who will be participating this year.

Graeber said the county was just too far along to cancel the performance.

"I'm not at all pleased with this, but I think it something that needs to go on," he said.

The commission agreed and unanimously voted for the funds.

¢ Approved to enter into a two-year contract with Advance Automotive to service county EMS vehicles. The company will charge the county $65 per hour for the first year and $70 the second year of the contract to service the vehicles.

The new contract was needed after a Sept. 4 meeting where Louis Kemp, owner of the Storage Box Service Center, which previously serviced the vehicles, gave the commission a 30-day notice he was ending its contract to service the vehicles.

Murphy's Fire and Rescue and Olathe ford also bid on the service.

¢ Voted 3 0 to purchase a sign bid truck for the Public Works Department from Danny Zeck Ford for $68,407

¢ Unanimously voted to spend $4,896.28 to repair a motor grater.

¢ Unanimously voted to have Graeber draft a letter of support, in Leavenworth County stationary, to Monica Hernandez of the U.S. Postal Service to change addresses of residents in Basehor. Certain residents' mailing address says they are in Bonner Springs when they are technically in the Basehor city limits.


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