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Memorable finish

Jeremy Elliot finished first in the javelin on Thursday at the Tonganoxie Invitational with a throw of 142 feet, 8 inches.

Jeremy Elliot finished first in the javelin on Thursday at the Tonganoxie Invitational with a throw of 142 feet, 8 inches.

April 21, 2009

The Tonganoxie High boys track team won five events on its way to a team title at the Tonganoxie Invitational on Thursday, and all of the athletes contributed equally to reach that accomplishment, but none will be remembered more than the first-place finish of junior Jeremy Elliott.

Elliott won the javelin with a throw of 142 feet, 8 inches. Later that night, he died in his sleep from a heart condition.

THS boys coach Phil Williams said Elliott had been involved with the team throughout his high school career and was just beginning to develop as a javelin thrower.

“At the beginning of the season, we weren't sure if he would be on varsity or not, and obviously he had improved greatly,” Williams said of Elliott’s first varsity victory in the event.

A 17-year-old junior, Elliott was known as much for his great attitude as he was for his physical ability.

“Jeremy was considered a friend to everyone on the team,” Williams said, “and was one we could always count on for his effort and his leadership.”

The Chieftain boys finished with 148 team points, 10 more than runner-up Piper.

The girls team fared well, too, but fell short of a team title of their own by just four points as the Lansing girls finished first with 132 points.

The THS boys were helped out greatly by their relay teams. The Chieftains won the 4x100 and 4x400 relays with David Powell, Bret Koch, DJ Lindsay and Jeremy Carlisle.

By the end of the 4x400, the first three runners were watching Carlisle cruise across the finish line almost eight seconds ahead of second-place Lansing. Lindsay said that’s the way to end a relay.

“It’s the best feeling,” he said, “knowing we all did our part in it, and we all trust him to finish it.”

Other first-place finishers for the boys were Dylan Scates in the triple jump and Jake Willis in the pole vault. Willis also won the event at Lansing, where the Chieftains won a team title, to open the season. The sophomore hopes his consistency will help THS rack up more wins.

“Everyone’s doing their part, and I just hope I’m doing mine,” he said.

Girls second at invitational

Tonganoxie’s girls won seven events on their way to second place and — just like the boys — got two victories in relay events.

Andie Jeannin, Megan Puhr, Sagan Scates and Cristina Rubio won the 4x400, and Lauren Hall teamed with Jeannin, Puhr and Scates to win the 4x800 relay.

Rubio won the 400-meter dash, Jeannin won the 800-meter run and Dominique Grizzle won the discus.

Roni Grizzle was the only Chieftain to win multiple individual events. She took first in the javelin and the shot put, where her throw of 41-9 broke her own meet record by 13 inches.

When Grizzle, a senior, throws the shot put, it looks far more effortless than the straining heaves of her competitors. She said her workout routine has made her stronger than she was last year and she has abandoned a different style she flirted with earlier in the season.

“Then I went back to my old style and everything was getting back to normal,” Grizzle said, noting she is just getting warmed up and expects to keep improving this year.

Tonganoxie Invitational


Team Standings

1. Lansing, 132

2. Tonganoxie, 128

3. Basehor-Linwood, 81

4. Piper, 73

5. Kansas City Christian, 38

6. Pembroke Hill, 33

7. St. James Academy, 30

Tonganoxie results

400-meter dash — 1. Cristina Rubio, 1:05.43

800-meter run — 1. Andie Jeannin, 2:45.28; 6. Lindsey Cox, 3:09.74

1600 meters — 3. Lauren Hall, 6:13.12

Pole vault — 2. Dannie Oelschlaeger, 7-6; 5. Kenzie Cadue, 6-6

Shot put — 1. Roni Grizzle, 41-9; 2. Dominique Grizzle, 33-10; 6. Makayla Sample, 24-8

Discus — 1. Dominique Grizzle, 105-10; 3. Roni Grizzle, 100-2; 4. Danielle Miller, 87-11

Javelin — 1. Roni Grizzle, 128-10; 2. Chrissie Jeannin, 121-9; 4. Danielle Miller, 98-2; 5. Madi Yates, 92-10

4x100 relay — 2. Andie Jeannin, Megan Puhr, Cristina Rubio, Sagan Scates, 55.51

4x400 relay — 1. Andie Jeannin, Megan Puhr, Sagan Scates, Cristina Rubio, 4:40

4x800 relay — 1. Andie Jeannin, Megan Puhr, Sagan Scates, Lauren Hall


Team Standings

1. Tonganoxie, 148

2. Piper, 138

3. Lansing, 133

4. Basehor-Linwood, 107

5. St. James Academy, 58

6. Kansas City Christian, 19

7. Pembroke Hill, 12

Tonganoxie results

Pole vault — 1. Jake Willis, 13; 2. Ian McClellan, 10-6; 5. Cody Martin, 8-6

Shot put — 5. Dallas Jacobs, 36

Discus — 2. Stephen Wilson, 123-9; 6. Bryson Hewins, 96-9

Javelin — 1. Jeremy Elliott, 142-8; 3. Shawn Roberts, 136; 4. Reece Hollingsworth, 132-2

4x100 relay — 1. David Powell, Bret Koch, DJ Lindsay, Jeremy Carlisle, 45.31

4x400 relay — 1. David Powell, Bret Koch, DJ Lindsay, Jeremy Carlisle, 3:34

1,600 meters — 2. Matt Briggs, 5:05.74

Long jump — 4. Dylan Scates, 18-7; 5. Jared Knipp, 18-2

Triple jump — 1. Dylan Scates, 40-4

High jump — 2. Austin Smith, 6; 5. Dylan Jacobs, 5-8

110-meter hurdles — 3. Austin Smith, 18.25; 6. Devin Botts, 20.35

100-meter dash — 6. Wes Williams, 12.71

200-meter dash — 5. Shawn Marin, 24.83

400-meter dash — 6. Austen Holloway, 59.04

300-meter hurdles — 4. Jamison Bloomer, 46.1

800-meter run — 6. Tommy Heskett, 2:19.51

4x800 relay — 2. Tommy Heskett, David Powell, Joel Dunning, Caleb Himpel, 9:34.21


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