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At the fair: Rocket launch attracts a couple entries

August 14, 2009

Attendance was smaller than usual at the fair’s 4-H rocket launch, but that didn’t stop 11-year-old 4-H member Austin Foley from sending his rocket soaring into the blue yonder.

Foley and 12-year-old Sean McEvoy launched their self-assembled bottle rockets Friday afternoon in front of friends and family members on a field next to the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds.

A collective “wow” came from the audience as Foley’s craft gained speed in the air and spit out its colorful parachute to float gently to the ground.

“That went pretty far,” Foley said, as he tore out after the landed rocket.

The launch wrapped up Foley’s participation in the fair with his blue-ribbon-winning rocket.

McEvoy brought several rockets he had assembled to the fair. Despite his not being in 4-H, he was allowed to participate in the launch.

“The organizer of the launch said I could come out, even though I’m not in 4-H,” McEvoy said. “I was glad because I like coming out and doing it.”

While he had some trouble getting started, eventually, all of McEvoy’s rockets got some air time.


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