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Petition sends liquor sales issue back to city council

A bottle of Grey Goose vodka sits on the counter at Mary's Retail Liquor. In May 2008, the Tonganoxie City Council voted to allow the sale of Alcohol on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

A bottle of Grey Goose vodka sits on the counter at Mary's Retail Liquor. In May 2008, the Tonganoxie City Council voted to allow the sale of Alcohol on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

August 19, 2009

Sixty days after the Tonganoxie City Council voted to approve the sale of liquor on Sunday and holidays, protesters have made their voices heard.

On Friday, a petition against the city’s ordinance allowing the Sunday and holiday sales was filed with the Leavenworth County Clerk’s office.

The clerk’s office spent Monday morning validating the 101 petition signatures needed to send the ordinance back to the city council.

Monday afternoon Leavenworth County Clerk Janet Klasinski said the petition against Sunday liquor sales is valid and the council would need to take action to either drop the ordinance or call for a special election.

Mike Yanez, city administrator, wrote in an e-mail that the item will be brought up at the Aug. 24 council meeting and that a special election may cost up to $3,500.

Because of scheduling, Klasinski said Sept. 22 would be the only day available to hold the special election.

The petition and possible special election won’t affect Debbie Whitefield, owner of Angell’s Liquor. On June 15, Leavenworth County Commissioners John Flower and Clyde Graeber voted, 2-0, authorizing the store to sell liquor on Sundays and holidays. Commissioner J.C. Tellefson was not present for the vote. Residents in the unincorporated part of the county had until 5 p.m. Tuesday to file a petition, but Klasinski said she had not received one.


cbmkr 8 years, 3 months ago

This petition was the result of one church wanting to make there name known,I think that has been done but for what purpose,There are 6 establishments in Tonganoxie that serve liquor by the drink on sundays,I think it might be more appropriate to maybe spend there time thinking about how many people are drinking and driving home.Most of the petitioners and persons involved in this push against sunday sales frequently visit these establishments on a weekly and daily basis.I think this church could have used there time for more important things like child abuse, sexual offenders and maybe trying to promote the town instead of sending people outside the city for liquor purchases. I would also like to know many of the people who signed the petition would like to help pay for the special election.


Trouble 8 years, 3 months ago

Citizen of Tonganoxie should support their local business. Not try to push them out of town. No wounder the city is doing poorly in trying to bring and keep business in town it is the do good-er that push this city back to the stone years... Leave the business alone... maybe we should run the churches out of town? I was told only sinner go to church. They go out and drink their liquor get totally smashed out of their heads and then go to church on Sunday and ask for forgiveness and then go home and tie one on again.. Just because they signed a petition in church does not mean that they are not buying and drinking liquor!


kansanjayhawk 8 years, 3 months ago

First, Tonganoxie is such a family oriented community because many of the people here care about one another. Sunday is a special day for family and it needs to be kept that way. This ordinance is attacking the long traditions of our community of keeping Sunday a special day and recognizing that perhaps this is one day to, in fact, to sober up and listen to God and His Word. The last 30 years have been a terrible time for family and community values this will be a way for the people of Tonganoxie to take a stand for those values by saying that one day a week, at least, community values and spiritual things come first ahead of commerce. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs affecting our families!


rosebud 8 years, 3 months ago

First of all this city can have family values. With out trying to shut down Liquor sales.The sale of Alcohol is not going to take away family values. Family value comes from your parents teaching you and you teaching family value to your children. I'm sorry I attend church weekly and I sure would not want the government in my church telling us how to spend our time and what to do and I do not beleive that the church should be in government telling them what they should or should not do. Family start at home with strong family values and we as parents teach our children the same values. If we have done this.. we do not have to worry about the sales of Alcohol


straightup 8 years, 3 months ago

"KansasJayhawk" You or People like you will NOT tell me how to spend my Sunday!! This is America!! If I want to have a Alcohol beverage on Sunday I will and there is not one thing you can do about it. If this sale of liquor on Sunday or Holiday does not pass I will go out of town and buy it in Basehor or Lawrence or Leavenworth. I will Take my business out of town. Then come back to Tonganoxie and Drink my Alcohol... But you and people like you will not stop me or anyone else. Get a LIFE and quit trying to run my.


Jason Bailey 8 years, 3 months ago

@straightup: I don't see in KansasJayhawk's post anywhere where he/she is telling you how to live your life. Stopping kneejerking and address his/her points, if you want to respond to the post.

Alcohol is one of the worst drugs affecting families. Spiritual things should be our focus at least one day out of the week, if not the entire week. That was the point -- not trying to tell you how to live your Sunday.


kansanjayhawk 8 years, 3 months ago

The status quo is that we do not allow sales on Sunday. So there is no big change being advocated-- just preserving the family values we already have-- this little inconvenience should not harm anyone. This is about our community values Tonganoxie has never allowed packaged sales on Sunday. Our government should not do the bidding of the liquor store owners only, they should also look out for what the community values stand for. Let's take a small stand here by saying No! The state should not interfere in the matters of the church but the church should be an influence for good in our community.


SWM23 8 years, 3 months ago

kansasjayhawk: You state " The state should not interfere in the matters of the church but the church should be an influence for good in our community." I say, that the reverse is also true. THE CHURCH SHOULD NOT INTERFERE IN THE MATTERS OF THE STATE. What other type of business in our community is discriminated against on Sunday other than liquor sales? All other types of business from offices, medical and veterinary services, food service industry, and retail/wholesale sales have the option of being open or closed on Sundays and holidays. Our food service businesses are allowed to sale liquor and beer by the drink to customers (who then proceed to drive home) but the average citizen, church going or not, is not allowed to keep his business in our local community and purchase a bottle of wine for a meal or a 6pack for the football game and drink it in the privacy of their own home?

And are you saying that because a citizen wishes to purchase alcohol on Sunday and keep their dollars in their own community that they are lacking in family values? You are than guilty of commiting to the premises that because a person consumes alcohol they have no family values. A rather broad, uninformed and prejudicial point of view. I've taught my children all of the family values such as honor, compassion, honesty, duty, charity, empathy, fairness, committment and responsibility for ones own actions among many others. I also taught them that IMPOSING my views on others is not the way to live ones life. We all have free will and you are making the assumption that being able to purchase alcohol on Sunday in our town will destroy our communities "family values". You must not think very highly of your communities citizens and there views and values if you think them so weak as to be corrupted so easily by making it more ecomincally sensible to have there purchasing power stay in their community

And yes the church should be an influence for good in the community. But your influence should not be used to subject your citizens to mental arm-twisting and guilt trips to discriminate against those who wish to consume alcohol in a sensible manner and keep there business AND TAX DOLLARS in their own community.

It still boils down to: If a person wishes to buy and consume alcohol on Sunday they will. They just can't keep there business in the city of Tonganoxie. Keep this in mind the next time you wish the city had more money in the city budget to pay for the items needed to be done in Tonganoixe but can't because the budget has been cut and there in not enough business tax revenue coming into the city coffers. Items such as infrastructure improvements, community and youth projects, tax or fee waivers to charity events, etc. I say again. IT IS A STATE MATTER AND NOT A CHURCH MATTER. Respectfully, SWM


Jason Bailey 8 years, 2 months ago

SWM: You've been programmed to believe that church and state are immutably separate. It is true that the state should never interfere with the church but the church has the right, as any citizen group does, to influence state decisions.

Christians have been silent for far too long on matters of morality in America and the direction our legislators are taking us. Case in point the gambling that's coming to WY county and now the issue of alcohol sales on Sunday. This is seen by me, and many on my side, as a continual and gradual erosion of our society.

I couldn't care less about one dime of tax ever coming in to the city from alcohol sales. You seem to think money means everything to Christians -- we actually don't think much of materialism so pulling out the "tax bat" isn't going to sway many on our side.


SWM23 8 years, 2 months ago

jason 2007 If money doesn't mean anything to the Christians than why is TV evangelism so prevalent and collections such a large part of each organized church. And I know that you would answer that the collection of money goes to support the church. If that is so, than why are churches run "Tax Free". The need for city's to have a working capital of funds addresses the needs of the citizens. If you don't want tax dollars from alcohol going to the city, than perhaps the churches should contribute to the city and the citizens by paying an 8% portion of their collections to the city in the way of tax on their collections as liquor sales pay 8% of their intake to the state as liquor sales taxes which is than funneled back to the city's coffers.

And with the statement that Christians having been silent far too long on matters of morality, then perhaps the "Christians" would best apply their energies to addressing the hypocrisy of it's church members who consumer alcohol and other drugs and also gamble and then attend church and spout that they are Christians and cave into the church pressure on its congregations to at least give the appearance that they have better morals the next person.

I believe churches would better serve their city by addressing the needs of their own members with their problems and morality. From some of the signatures on the petition it is apparent that this is not being done. Churches should stop trying to fit people into "square pegs" to fit in your churches "square holes". Respectfully, SWM23


cbmkr 8 years, 2 months ago

Maybe these 2 churches and the citizens of Tonganoxie need to know how some of there members are spending there free time.I think these 2 churches need to drop the issue and try to keep there name in good standing with the citizens of Tonganoxie,If you make to many people unhappy with your push against sunday sales it could lead to other issues that a lot of people did not know were going on .These kind of things tend to stick in the minds of people for a longer time than you think.You may be affecting yourself and your church in more bad ways than good,Just think about that and see if you decide to change your mind on this issue.

And finally to the 2 people that pushed so many of these petitions around the city,Maybe it would be a better idea if you started minding your own flock and fix the problems within your own organizations instead of trying to push against a whole community.


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