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Our View: End to Sunday liquor debate long overdue

August 26, 2009

The debate about whether Tonganoxie should allow Sunday retail liquor sales is going to be decided by people who should have determined it long ago — Tonganoxie voters.

The past six years, there’s been an on-again, off-again debate on the issue. And the idea of spending money on an election has been a sticking point with council members. That’s understandable and appreciated, especially during these economic times.

But, by the same token, it’s an issue that’s lingered for far too long. In 2003, an election was discussed, with an estimated price tag of about $2,000. Now that estimated cost is $3,500 for the city.

And though people on both sides of the issue have vastly different opinions on the issue, they do agree on one thing — a decision needs to be made at the voting booth.

Thanks to Kansas law requiring an election after a protest petition is successfully filed, that agreed position will come to fruition.

It’s a topic that many have weighed in upon at The Mirror’s Web site. Whether comments on stories or comments on a point of view question concerning Sunday liquor sales, people are talking, and that’s as it should be.

We urge people to continue to discuss the topic in our online forums. And when Sept. 22 rolls around, be sure to vote on the measure and determine what Tonganoxie truly thinks about the issue so this topic can finally be put to rest.


avoiceofreason 9 years, 5 months ago

once again, a group of the self rightous is costing the good tax payers of Tongie money. Well, maybe our constant speed trap ticket writing gestapo will help offset this completely unnessessary expense.....


kansanjayhawk 9 years, 5 months ago

The fact is that Sunday alcohol sales in Tonganoxie will not benefit our community at all. The indications are from the studies (see New Mexico study) that it could increase consumption and certainly it will be just another step of moral decline that we have seen in this nation. Let's go to the polls on Sept. 22nd and defeat this idea!


SWM23 9 years, 5 months ago

kansasjayhawk, Must I state it again that the New Mexico study has been discredited by experts. What studies show that selling on Sunday or holidays will increase consumption? Please state your sources. Another step in moral decline? You must not think much of your citizens ability to make good and moral decisions.

Off-premise alcohol sales are the only type of retail sales that are discriminated against in Tonganoxie. But on-premises sales of alcohol by the drink in restaurants and bars on Sunday or any other day of the week are not banned in this town. Why continue to punish your communities retailers who want to keep their businesses open and their employees employed by competing on a fair basis against the surrounding communities business owners.

Some of those who want to defeat the ordinance say the customers can just plan ahead and buy on Saturday or throughout the week. Want to tell the grocery stores customers that they should just plan ahead and buy on Saturday if they want food or snacks for the big football game on Sunday? Out of animal food or products. Just tell pet and livestock owners they should have planned ahead and made their purchases on Saturday. What to take the wife and kids out for dinner on Sunday? I guess you should have planned ahead and gone out during the week. What a stupid basis for debate against the sale of off-premises alcohol sales.

To the ciitizens of Toganoxie. The business owners were not pushing so much for Sunday sales as for holiday sales. An ordinance for sales of alcohol on Memorial Day, Fouth of July and Labor Day was passed by the city last year. However the city was notified by the state that the ordinance was not legal as it conflicted with the state law that sales for Sunday and the holidays must be together on the ordinance. Hence our current situtation.

Again, citizens of Tonganoxie! If you support this ordinance and want to be able to make your alcohol purchases in Tonganoxie and not have to drive out of town, please get to the polls and vote yes on September 22nd. Respectfully, SWM23


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