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Remember When: A Community Review

December 9, 2009

10 years ago: Nov. 24, 1999

Dora “Susie” Parmer, Leavenworth County Register of Deeds since 1964, has announced her retirement, effective Dec. 31.

Deaths: Lori Jewell Meadows Copley, 31, Lawrence, Nov. 20, 1999; A. Diana Bass, 74, South Riding, Va., Nov. 17, 1999; Richard A. Tinberg, 74, Tonganoxie, Nov. 20, 1999; Mary Helen Hubbard Rhodes, 89, Thousand Oaks, Calif., Nov. 11, 1999.

New publisher joins The Mirror staff: A 20-year veteran of the newspaper industry is the new editor and publisher of The Mirror. Officials with WorldWest Limited Liability Company, owner of The Mirror, appointed Caroline Trowbridge, 44, to oversee the day-to-day operations of the newspaper.

The Uhlrich family’s 49th reunion was held Sept. 26 at the Leavenworth County 4-H Building.

The descendants of James Wilber and Mary Ann Brauch Hubbard held their 23rd annual reunion Oct. 24 at the Linwood Community Center.

First-graders stuffed with cooking tips: (On how they would cook that turkey!) Tre Hesselman: I remember one time, you hunt it first. You put it inside the oven. You take it out and check the temperature. If it isn’t right, you put it back. If it still isn’t right, put it in the microwave. It should be done...Billy Walker: Shave the feathers off. Cut the head off. Then put it in the oven for 20 minutes and then take it out and eat it.

25 years ago: Nov.r 21, 1984

Isn’t it fantastic to know that there still are 10 World War II veterans in our community? (Pictured were Walter Bleakley, Maurice Soetaert, Martin Herrstrom, Frank Waters, Sr., Charles Davidson, Carl Barnhart, Walt Neibarger, Norman Wiley and J. M. Jack. The 10th veteran was not able to attend.)

Springdale News: Jeanette Schwinn went to Kansas City with her aunt, Judy Steed, and a group of other girls on Saturday and walked 10 miles for the Save A Baby Home, which will be called the Light House. There were around 3,000 walkers in the Walk-A-Thon and they raised around $8,000 toward the home.

Deaths: Mrs. Mabel Lenahan, 98, Tonganoxie, Nov.16, 1984; Malcolm E. Perkins, 74, Topeka, Nov. 6, 1984; Earl S. "Wilkie" Wilkinson, 92, Joplin, Mo., died Saturday from injuries received in an automobile accident Nov. 1.

Gazebo finished after much effort by Swing Into Action and the whole community. (This was the caption under a picture and it showed the lovely gazebo by the swimming pool.)

The first annual Tonganoxie Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, sponsored by the Tonganoxie Chamber of Commerce, will be held at 7:30 p.m. Nov 27 at the city park, Third and Main (The grade school chorus, Chieftain Singers, and THS Stage Band, plus Santa, were to be there.)

Birth: David and Pam VanDyke, a son, Brett Michael, born Nov. 10, 1984.

50 years ago: Dec. 10, 1959

Deaths: Henry Sheehan, 84, Tonganoxie, Dec. 6, 1959; Mrs. Effie J. Snavely, 91, Kansas City, Kan., Nov. 28, 1959; Aldred August Johnson, 83, Tonganoxie, Dec. 5, 1959; Mrs. Lena Loretta Thomas, 69, Tonganoxie, Dec. 8, 1959.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Siegrist, a son, Joseph Lawrence, born Nov. 23, 1959, in Buffalo, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Shoemaker have been called to Grand Junction, Colo. Mrs. Shoemaker’s brother, Chauncey Fishburn, passed away and funeral services will be Saturday.

Mrs. Robert Turner went to Topeka Tuesday, to be with her father, Mr. Claude Kimmel, of McLouth, who underwent minor surgery at Stormont Vail Hospital. Mr. Kimmel is getting along nicely and will be hospitalized for about ten days.

YWCA would meet at 8 p.m. Dec. 14 at the home of Dorothy Holmberg. There will be a 50-cent gift exchange. Mrs. Gross will have the program and Mrs. Mae Pearson will have the devotions. Assisting hostesses will be Jean Budenosky and Flora Hessel.

75 years ago: Nov. 15, 1934

Deaths: Charles W. Barnett, aged 57 years, 1 month and 2 days, Kansas City, Kan., died Nov. 4, 1934; Miss Lula Chamberlain, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chamberlain of Lenape in Sherman township, died Friday; John Dyke Moses, age 69 years, 2 mos. and 24 days, died Nov. 6, 1934, at his daughter’s home near Thomas, New Mexico; James Hoffine, age 74, died Saturday in Leavenworth.

In the anniversary celebration at Haskell Institute, Tonganoxie furnished an old fashioned cart. Enos Thomas has an ox broke to drive, and the Thomas boy has driven it around local streets. Evidently the ox fitted into the scheme of things at Lawrence as an example of an old-fashioned mode of transportation. They paid $10 to have them bring it over to the celebration. While the oxcart may have show purpose value, it made the trip to Lawrence by automobile truck.

A birthday party was given in honor of Martha Lee Freeman at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Freeman, Friday evening, Nov. 9.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Papenhausen attended the golden wedding anniversary celebration of Mrs. Papenhausen’s brother, August Jahn and Mrs. Jahn Sunday in Leavenworth.

100 years ago: Nov. 25, 1909

Now A Centenarian; Born Nov. 29, 1809, in Ireland, and now has started on the second century: Owen Grady, whose home is with his daughter, Mrs. James McEnulty four miles west of town, has lived to become a centenarian. He was 100 years old last Saturday. Mr. Grady is still in fair health, notwithstanding his advanced years. He life has been an interesting one, but he is adverse to talking about it to newspaper people.

The Northwestern passenger train will be held at Kansas City this evening so that the football fans and rooters can get back home tonight. The train will leave the union depot at six o’clock.

There will be a social at the Jarbalo school house tonight.

While attempting to fasten a guy to a pole near the school house last Thursday, Asa Hammond sustained a fall that crippled him a little. He was near the top of the pole when it snapped off underneath the ground. In falling he swung underneath the pole and he was considerably bruised between his left knee and hip. He was able to get around without being laid up.


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