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Dear Santa:

Tonganoxie children write letters to Santa Claus.

Tonganoxie children write letters to Santa Claus.

December 21, 2009

Editor’s Note: Our sources inside the North Pole have given us a glimpse at the letters Tonganoxie children wrote to Santa this Christmas.

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me Sorry Sliders, Heelys, Series 2. Do reindeer have hooves?


Noah Skelley, age 7.

Dear Santa,

Please give me a swimming dog. I’m Emma and I’m 4 years old. Do the elves help you with the presents? Merry Christmas – I wish you a Merry Christmas.


Emma Skelley, age 4

Dear Santa,

This is a list of Cristmas present’s that I would like to have. A D.S. with five games with it, a phone, a iPod, a mak-up set, a bookbag that ether has two straps or a flat bookbag, and some roller blades. And last thing I would to have a lap top. Thank you!

Marissa Bunch

Dear Santa,

My name is Madelyn Walker. I am 3 years old and I have been a very good girl this year. Santa I love horses very much and would like to have a pretty pretend horse to carry my barbies. I love babies very much and like to play dress up. I promise to be a very good girl the rest of the year Santa. I’ll leave you some cookies and milk on Christmas Eve. I already have a special plate.


Madelyn Walker

Dear Santa,

My name is Keaton Walker. I am 2 years old. I have been a very good boy this year. I would like to have some trucks for Christmas. I really love firetrucks. Santa I promise to be a good boy for the rest of the year. Santa I will be leaving you milk and cookies on Christmas Eve.

Love you Santa,

Keaton Walker

Dear Santa,

My name is Hailey Walker. I would like a horse for Christmas. I am 5 years old. I have been a good girl this year. I promise to be good the rest of the year. I would also like a Barbie for Christmas. I will make you cookies and milk to leave under the tree. Love you Santa.

Hailey Walker

Thank you,

Timmy Hill.

Dear Santa,

I want a Frosty the snowman.

By Jackson Ramirez

Dear Santa,

I’m sorry I was scared of you. I hope you are doing good and keeping warm. I would like a swimming puppy and a new baby for Christmas. I love your reindeer!


Rylynn Crane

Dear Santa,

How are you nice Santa? You are great!! I’ve been good and would like a Blue Car and a new ball. I hope to see you soon and me and sissy will make you good cookies! Love,

Weston Crane

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year so here is a few things I would like for Christmas some more lego’s and lincoln logs. I would also like a bow and arrows and a trampoline. Also a trac phone would be nice so I can call my Nana and Big Diddles.


Wyatt Green

Dear Santa,

I have been good. Please bring me a pink bike, some baby dolls with clothes. I would like a swing set for my house. I want clothes for me too.


Samantha Swafford

Dear Santa,

You are nice. Thank you for bringing me toys! This year I want Play-Doh meal makin kitchen, connect 4, elefun, furreal friends, littlest pet shope, Ball jumper, Wii, leapster 2, DS, gocart.


Sydney Angell

I want touch an bruch and a drumset and a stuffed reindeer that looks like Rudolph and when you press it’s ear the nose lights up and the stuffed reindeer is small. And littlest pet shopes, go kart. And a wii.


Samantha Angell

Dear Santa,

I would like an ipod, cymbals for my drumset, sheet music for drums, the boardgame Rush, for Christmas. Have a good year!


Lucas Strouhal

Dear, Santa

Can I have a laptop and a ipod. Can I have another dog. A littleits pet shop. And all the twilight books. And a wii! Have a great year!

Your friend,

Talon Strouhal

Dear Santa,

Aiden would like a colering book. Some cars for Christmas. And a little drum set.

Your friend,

Aiden Strouhal

Dear Santa,

I would like a electric guitar. Please


Chyanne Aaron

P.S. Chy would also like the Handy Manny movie. Please and thank you.

Dear Santa,

What I want for Crismas.

My Crismas List



Bmx equipment

Electric guitar

Football cards

17 aigan

model cars

I pod nano

Colton Aaron

You rock Santa

Dear Santa

My name is Dakota Keeton. I am almost 6 yrs. old. I have been a good boy this year. I want these toys for Christmas.


Spectacular Spiderman

Remote Truck

Car Wash


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a DS for Christmas! I hope you like our cookies, and milk. I will leave this card out for you.

Yor friend,

Jace Palmer, seven years old.

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a boat for Christmas! I have been a good boy this year!


Brek Palmer, 4-and-a-half yrs.

Dera Santa hop you can come to my hous there will be cookys on the stov don’t whry the stov will be cold hop you have a nice chrismas and hop you don’t brn your but off in the fier love


Santas list from Frankie

Zozo pets hamster

More of the little pet shops

A snopy toy

A hello kitty doll

A jhoc toy with a hat

Pillowpet panda



Dear Santa,

I am sending this letter to you with a list of things I would like this year. Some dvds, a few poohs, a Nintendo ds please. Dragon age: a new era, a sheted pad, a box of paints, a few cds, one or two stained glass coloring books, a deck of cards, a stuffed dragon and ruzzle book please. By the way, may I also have a nickelback cd as well please? Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.



Dear Santa,

Hi. I want a Barbie gun and a princess gun and a cowgirl hat and boots and make up and princess shoes.

Thank you Santa.


Lilly Jensen

Dear Santa,

My name is Emily Mitchell and I would like a CHI starter, so new nail polish, some new hair stuff to make hair curly, DS games and case for DS.


Emily Mitchell

Dear Santa,

I want dinosaur toys and dinosaur books.

Henry Jensen

Dear Santa,

How are you? Ive been very good this year and I’m really wanting these toys for Christmas.

I would like a marshmello gun.

I would like a bendaroos.

I would like a monster truck.

I would like a jeff gordon car.

I would like a dale earnhart jr. race car

I would like a kstate hat.

I would like a kstate ornament.

I would like some new clothes.

I would like a turtle movie and monster house 2.

I would like a kstate dvd.

Thank you, Santa. I love you.

Michael Jensen

Dear Santa,

I want a Indiana Jones toy.

I want a Jeff Gordon toy with his car.

I want bendaroos.

I want Indiana Jones’ house.

I want Jeff Gordons truck and traler.

I want Mr. Scrooge toy.

I want Mr. Santa toy.

I want a ku jayhawk.

I want a Tech deck.


Carter Samuel Sullivan

Dear Santa,

1 I want a paintball gun.

2 I want a marshmello gun.

3 I want a bb gun.

4 I want a set of drums.

5 I want a guitar.

6 I want some socks and underware.

7 I want a few books.

8 I want a snowman.

9 I want a pack of gum.

10 I want a toy car.

11 I want a toy dirt bike.

12 I want a ripstick.


Garrett Levi Sullivan

Dear Santa

I would like playdough,, blue ball and games. Im a good boy.

Hunter Benedict

Dear Santa,

I would like a I.p.s.o. cat. And a warm up snuggly bunny brown body, white feet.



Dear Santa,

My name is Remington Kates and I would like a bow and arrow, a gun, and some trucks that have 3 wheels and race, and remote control ones!



Dear Santa,

Can you give my dog a gift.

I want lego rock band.

GostBusters the movie and game.

The call dutie mornten warfar 2.

A phone.


Dylan Lang

What I want for Christmas is a phone and games.

From Brooklyn

Hi Santa what does your raindeer eat. How do you make the toys. Where did you get all your elves. This is me Christmas list! Thank you



Lego batman cars

Race ordma

Mario and luigi bowsers inside story

Ninja turtles

Harry potter

Scooby doo

All for DS.

Corbin Hipsher

Dear Santa,

I am a good guy and not a bad guy. You can bring me toys. Toys like a Batman building and Joker, transformers, lions, tigers, and even a frog. Thank you Santa. Merry Christmas!

Steven Brown

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa how are you doing this year? I am doing very well this year except for a few colds here and there. How are Mrs. Claus and the elves doing this year? This is just a strange question, but have you gotten sick this year? This year would you like me to leave you carrots for the reindeer? You can tell Comit he’s my favorite reindeer out of the bunch. This year I have been sort of good, but mostly I have been good. Well, this year I would like a Best Made Frame Horse, and a Lego Horse Farm. Do you want anything this year for Christmas? Well, I’ll let you continue reading letters from other kids maybe my sister’s even unless you’ve already read it. Thanks and have a good Christmas.



To Santa claus

From Britney

Webkinz penguin

Webkinz shark

This year for Christmas I would like an mp3 player, spyro 2, my sims apartment pets, Ice age dawn of the dinosaurs, some new stuffed animals, a few new dvds, some Nancy Drew books. Carnival games the ds. Some vet games. Warriors age of conquerors, some bras, kids bop 16, some coloring books, a few more ds games, as well as some more books, more ken Barbie dolls. Some stuffed critters, a neo pet, and a furreal critter. Dogs for the Nintendo sp, one more stuffed animal.



Dear Santa,

This year I would like a real Kitn, some transformers, and my own comepootr. I would also like a real rayndeer, a cow, a mickey doll and a hello kitty doll. Love,


Dear Santa Claus,

This year I would like an ice kreem truck transformer! I would like a reel reindeer, a reel cow, and reel dog. I reely want a doll who reely pees and poops! I also want a computer that you can go any ware on.


Hannah Brown

Dear Santa,

My name is Domonick Alexander. I am 3 years 8 months old. My Birthday is April 26.

I don’t write or read…yet, so my grandma is writing for me. I try to be a good boy and love my mom and meme and papie and grandma very much. So please bring them a Christmas surprise.

I like surprises, too.

I would like a drum, and robe for when I take a bath and a surprise.

I love you too


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you?

  1. I would like a Rocky Robot truck.

  2. A sword

  3. Wolverine claws

  4. A transformer

  5. A spiderman doll

  6. Hungry, hungry hippos

Thank you,

Timmy Hill.


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