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City hot over $14,000 propane bill

February 4, 2009

The city of Tonganoxie is going to have to find out how much it really costs to heat the new public works building after paying nearly $14,000 for propane.

On Monday night, Kathy Bard, assistant city administrator, told the Tonganoxie City Council that the heating problem at the new public works building had been fixed after councilmember Paula Crook asked why it cost so much to heat the new building for five months.

“That’s a lot of money to be heating that building,” Crook said. “We can’t afford that.”

The new 18,000-square-foot public works building is heated with propane that comes from a 2,000-gallon tank, which is filled by KanGas Corporation.

City Superintendent Butch Rogers said Tuesday the make-up air units installed by the contractor were malfunctioning and the blowers were almost constantly on even when the vehicle bay doors weren’t open.

He said Combes Construction, which built the facility, fixed the units in early January once the problem was discovered.

Councilmember Jason Ward said the city should see if it can get some money from the contractor to reimburse the city for the propane cost, and now that the units are fixed, the city needs to find out how much propane the building actually uses.

The new building was finished in May of 2008 at a cost of $1,854,965.

In other action Monday, the council:

• Unanimously approved a special event application for the 21st annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade to be held at 10 a.m. March 14.

• Unanimously approved a special event application for the Abdallah Shrine Rodeo to be held May 21-23 at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds.

• Unanimously approved $4,700 to Huffman Corridor Consulting LLC for services to acquire easements for Fourth Street Phase III.

• Unanimously approved $9,803 to First State Bank for the lease payment of two police vehicles.

• Voted, 4-0, to pay $36,353.11 to First State Bank & Trust for the lease purchase payment for the construction of the ball fields at the Leavenworth County Fairground. Councilmember Steve Gumm abstained.

• Unanimously approved $6,697 to help fund the Leavenworth County Development Corporation for 2009.

• Voted, 4-1, to approve a resolution of support for Garrison development to create income-restricted multi-family housing in the city.

Crook opposed the resolution, stating she wasn’t sure there was a demand for that type of housing in Tonganoxie.

• Amended the ordinance concerning the sales of fireworks. Among the changes is the new days that vendors can sell fireworks. Vendors will be able to sell their wares from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. June 30, to July 4.

• Gave City Attorney Mike Kelly approval to begin the condemnation process for remaining parcels of land for easement needed for Fourth Street Phase III. The motion for approval also allowed Kelly to come to an agreement with the property owners within the next 14 days.


Trouble 9 years, 3 months ago

My God!! How can we the Tax payers pay for a heating bill like that? That's $3,000.00 a month. that a lot of money. I had to turn my heat down in my house this year to 67 degree to try to save some money and the New city shop must have it turned up to 80 degree. Are they heating the bays and if so Why? If they are- put your COATS on MEN!! A Lot of People do when they work out in the cold. Butch Rogers said there was a malfunction in the blowers and they were running constantly. Didn't Mr. Butch Rogers expertise realize that they were running? Couldn't he hear the blowers? This guy needs to be run off. Or Maybe turn the Big Screen TV off that I was told they have out there. I also want to Know if they have cable out there too. If so are we paying for that too.


RIDICULOUS 9 years, 3 months ago

Put coats on? What do you think they wear when they are out there pushing snow off of the roads you drive on? What do you do for a living? Work in an office? I don't know what you do but I work outside for a living and it is not comfortable to wear a coat eight hours a day. If they come back to the shop they should be allowed to take their coats off. Why in the world should someone be "run off" for not noticing that blowers were running? Do you have a TV where you work? Maybe it is there for the employee's to watch on thier break? Maybe it is there to keep them updated on the most recent forcasts? I don't know I am just laying out the posibilities. It is very easy to pick apart people for the mistakes they make but do you ever consider what these people do for the city? Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge.


Trouble 9 years, 3 months ago

you obviously don't under stand the point of a coat. Which is comfort while your outside. Most people like me don't have the option of going inside and warming up, and leaving our company vehicle running outside while we watch springer in the break room. I understand that it must be rough working outside but this is Kansas, it gets cold in the winter, that's what happens. My guess is that these people work for the city because none of the skilled trades would except them because it's "uncomfortable" to wear a coat. Quit complaining and do your job.......


jsctongie 9 years, 3 months ago

Hey! Did anyone give any thought to the equipment that is stored inside. Its my understanding that the building was built for equipment. It must be kept warm, as well as waterlines. As cold as its been even keeping the thermostat low the units would have been running all the time. As far as hearing it, most new equipment doesnt make any noise at all. It was an equipment failure, plain and simple. Quit whining. I think Trouble has some vendetta against a few people.


rosebud 9 years, 3 months ago

I would like to find out why the city would even use propane in the first place? Is natural gas cheaper? Or even better.. why not go energy saving!!! This Propane bill is very high. I know the new city shop is big but the government body needs to think of something to help on the cost. I don't know much about the city's equipment but I did read the Mirror when the City shop had a open house and the pictures that they took looked like they stored dump trucks and loaders.. I my self don't think that equipment like that needs to be heated. I don't know that my view! As far as waterlines all it has to be is above 32 degree to keep it from freezing I think. I don't think you have to have a vendetta against anyone to see that the city needs to take more responsibility of spending our tax money!!


Sissy 9 years, 3 months ago

I would like to hear.. just once, that the city saved us money on something even if it is a small amount!!!!! Please Please Please. Or can they do this or are they all about SPENDING


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