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Letter to the editor: Shooting animals without purpose is wasteful

February 11, 2009

To the editor:

I grew up in an avid hunting family. I believe in hunting.

However, my dad taught me if you hunt, you consume what you kill.

You do not waste animals. I feel the Squirrel Scramble gives hunting a bad name and teaches kids it's OK to kill animals, even if you waste them.

Thank you to those participants who consumed the squirrels after the hunt. I feel next year a rule for the scramble should be that prior arrangements need to be made for donations of the unwanted squirrels to a food bank or food kitchen. There are many homeless, hungry people who would be happy to take the squirrels. No animal, whether it be considered a rodent by some or a fun critter to watch and feed by others, should be killed and wasted. Don't kill animals just for the thrill of killing ... hunt responsibly. Teach your children the same ethic!

Susan Davis,



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