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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

February 18, 2009

A great-grandma, Nettie Brown, who also remembers the Great Depression, said the other day: “God never gives us a load or problem too big, more than we can bear or handle. We, in these tough times ahead, just need to knuckle down and, most of all and first, count our blessings. They will always outweigh the problems." Laughing, she added, "Why, I still darn those socks." And she does. She even darns the fingers of gloves when they wear thin.

She has a dandy hint for us on darning: “Watch and check those socks. When they are wearing thin on the heels, before it actually wears through, breaks and becomes a hole, darn back and forth across and beyond that thin area, anchoring into solid areas, going back and forth one way and then the other, creating a whole new lifetime for that sock.”

At today's prices for socks, from $4 to $8 a pair, that is indeed a big savings and folks, that's what we sorely need to do. Save every dime and dollar we can. Her mending basket beside her favorite rocker is where she watches TV. She chuckles, “By the way, have you ever timed those commercials? They can use more time than the show or story,” adding, “I get a lot of stitches in during commercials.”

I also have a very special, caring, concerned teenaged granddaughter, Samantha, who, like the young lad last week, is so into recycling. We are hearing: “What are we handing over to our kids?”

And from all directions I’d say we, in this great nation, have earned the reputation of being the most wasteful nation in the world. And seemingly no one is very concerned. Don’t kid yourself; our kids are — it’s their world, too. So please wake up, let's get with it, that too has to change.

Bye now and God Bless.

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