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Remember When: a community review

January 7, 2009

10 years ago: Dec. 23, 1998

The largest manufacturer of amusement equipment in the world, C.W. Parker, is about to have a museum named after him in Leavenworth. It will be called the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum. But unlike other museums, this museum will have one of the few remaining C.W. Parker carousels operating and available for rides. (The factory was moved in 1910 from Abilene to Leavenworth, where it operated until approximately 1932, about the time of Parker’s death. The museum houses another primitive carousel, thought to have been built in the 1850s.)

Caption under picture: Fred and Martha Leimkuhler open up a Christmas present brought to them from Bruce Warren and Beckie Borella. The barnwood sign was made by Warren and will be placed at the foot of the Leimkuhler driveway.

Carly A. Johnson, daughter of William and Patricia Johnson of Tonganoxie, entered the Air Force’s Delayed Enlistment Program recently, according to SSgt. James Marfield, Air Force Recruiter, Leavenworth, Kansas.

Deaths: Ruth N. Peters, 88, Tonganoxie, died Dec. 18, 1998; Glenn Martin, 58, Tonganoxie, died December 16, 1998; Lois Lorraine Mindedahl, 77, Kansas City, Kan., died December 21, 1998.

Springdale Scene: Springdale Friends Church was feeling sad again this week as they learned of the death of another of its older members, Mr. Earl Walker, age 93.

25 years ago: Dec. 21, 1983

Mrs. Preston (Gladys) Hunter celebrated her 90th birthday the Dec. 19. On Sunday, her daughter, Mrs. Evelyn Parsons, played host to a dinner in her honor at the Recreation Hall at Pleasant Village where Mrs. Hunter now resides.

Deaths: Funeral services for 5-month old Jason Randall Oliphant of Linwood, were held Dec. 17, 1983. Jason was born July 11, 1983, in Olathe, and he is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Oliphant, Linwood, and two brothers, Jeremy and Jason’s twin, Aaron, both of the home: Raymond T. Davis, 59, of Platte City, died Saturday.

Miss Margaret Melia has arrived from Emporia for the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Melia. Kevin Melia flew in Sunday evening from LaPlace, La., for Christmas.

The Winner Is.........Jerry Baker, of Baker & Sons A. F. Super, announced Janette Folsom to be the winner of the Cabbage Patch doll drawing held last Thursday afternoon. Larry Smith, Chief of Police, is shown presenting the doll to a very excited little Miss Folsom.

Kim Henry was notified last Friday that she had been selected as a contestant in the Kansas Miss Teen Pageant. Kim is the daughter of Mike and Sue Henry, Tonganoxie. The pageant will take place the middle of June, in Topeka.

50 years ago: Jan. 8, 1959

A 1 1/2-year-old girl was killed and five persons were injured Sunday in a two-car collision west of Huron. Dead was Karen Noll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Noll of Winchester.

A 35-year-old Fort Riley soldier was killed Tuesday morning when his car sideswiped a truck and bounced head-on into a bus about 15 miles west of Kansas City. The victim was Sgt. Lional J. Parenteau, Manhattan.

Other deaths: Floyd Clarence Bedsaul, Linwood, passed away January 6, 1959, at the age of 80 years; William C. Krapes, 64, Kansas City, Kan., died Dec. 29, in Miami, Florida; Mrs. Rachel Louise Mackey, Tonganoxie, passed away Jan. 5, 1959, at the age of 80 years; Mrs. Ernestine Snodgrass, 86, Leavenworth, died Tuesday.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. George Mitchell announce the birth of their son, George Sidney II, on Dec. 30, 1958; Mr. and Mrs. William Glen Billingsley announce the birth of their son, William Glen, Jan. 2, 1959.

Mr. and Mrs. Syl White celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary Jan. 4, 1959 when approximately 100 friends and relatives gathered to offer their congratulations.

Linwood: Mr. William Bowers died in a nursing home in Topeka this week; Mrs. Pearl Bourn received word that her brother, Mr. Wm. Dent of DeSoto had died Jan. 4.

75 years ago: Dec. 14, 1933

Keep up the old Santa Claus spirit and buy in Tonganoxie.

Mrs. Eveleen Merrihugh, a resident of Tonganoxie for many years, passed away Wednesday at the Nora L. Clark Home for Elderly People in Kansas City, aged 53 years.

Mrs. Hannah Nichols, one of the early settlers of this vicinity, celebrated her 96th birthday anniversary at her home in Tonganoxie last Sunday, Dec. 10th. Mrs. Nichols, who during her nearly a century of life, has seen Tonganoxie grow from a village of only a few houses to the town of today, celebrated the passing of the ninety-sixth milestone in her life quietly at her home here.

Price Coombs, 39 years old, Kansas City, died Tuesday night. He is the brother of Willis Coombs, who lives on a farm east of Tonganoxie.

Just-A-Thinkin’ (Walt Neibarger) Farmers complain they can’t get men to shuck corn when work is available on civil works at 40 cents per hour. Farmers will make more money at present price of corn, to get a civil works job themselves, let the corn stand in the fields.......(Also in column.)......Ever see an auctioneer or buyer at a farm sale with a cane? It is the descendant of the shepherd’s crook of olden days. And the fashion plate, with his derby and spats, gets his cane from the same source. Something about a cane that appeals to a man. We have always had a longing to have one, but never got up the nerve to do it. Must be a lot of sheep herders among our ancestors.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parker, Dec. 9.

100 years ago: Dec. 24, 1908

Dec. 23 a brand-new boy arrived at Mr. and Mrs. J. Sheehan’s home.

Dr. C. V. Slaughter reports arrival of an eight-pound girl baby at home of Mr. and Mrs. Parrott Stewart, December 21, 1908.

F. A. Schenck met with a slight accident when returning home from town late Tuesday evening. His horse became unmanageable and ran away. Upon reaching the Evans farm Mr. Schenck was thrown from his buggy, striking the mail-box and receiving a painful wound in his forehead. No bones were broken but the mailbox was dislocated.

The Tonganoxie Mirror wishes each and everyone of its subscribers a Merry Christmas. May you all get something in your stocking, besides your foot.

A brother of Eben Karr, of the Neely neighborhood, arrived Saturday from North Dakota for a visit. It had been 27 years since the brothers have seen each other.

A seven-pound daughter was born last Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. McKeehen.

Mrs. Maggie Slaughter and “dear Robbie” went to Kansas City Tuesday, just to be a-going some.

Love Was Boldó “When poverty knocked at the door I presume love flew out the windows?” Not this time, love stayed and wrote a book entitled, “How To Live On Nothing A Year.”


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