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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

January 14, 2009

I definitely have some catching up to get done here in the sewing room, “those New Year’s resolutions” Uh-huh, like that.

Janie’s tip: “Always use a needle a bit larger (thicker) than the thread to follow it through the fabric, saves the tugging and pulling of your thread — it should easily follow the needle as you sew.

“Pin baste when you can. If basting with needle and thread, use up those odds and ends, left on bobbins, etc.”

That old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” applies in all directions. One beautiful shaggy fur coat about to be discarded has a whole new life and perhaps many more year’s service. I can’t use any names, but one woman’s old, favorite shaggy fur coat had worn a hole through the elbow. However, the coat had a hood, and she was able to have it repaired by taking the hood off, using part of it for repairs with enough to make a stand-up collar. Now she hugged her old coat like an old friend welcome home. “Sure helps my budget. I’ve always loved that old coat.”

Oh yes, sewing machines are coming out of the closets. Mending is in full swing, then, like those hand-made Christmas gifts.

Grandma Cathy has been having a lot of fun teaching her granddaughter Maria to sew: “Such a happy child, enjoying that old, old thrill of I made it myself.”

Families are one of God’s greatest gifts. Just because they are stuck, no money for movies, etc., you just can’t stop things. In fact, I think though times just make families stronger.

God Bless. Pray for our leaders; they have a tough job. Bye now.

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