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January 14, 2009

More than just books

Looking around these days, one can tell that we are headed into some difficult financial times. The severity and duration depends on exactly who you talk to, of course, but the rising unemployment numbers, rising food costs and everything else is being felt by all of us.

One of the great things about your library is that it can provide things to help you out in these tough financial times. Recently, the library has purchased quite a few materials related to job searching, resume writing, career and education opportunities, and money management. We have taken care to purchase materials that speak to a variety of skill levels and occupations, hoping that you will find some value in the knowledge these materials can provide.

It is worth remembering: The library has more than just books. We also provide free Internet access. I am sure that a lot of us remember a time when looking for a job meant getting the Sunday newspaper, putting on your best clothes, and walking from place to place to fill out job applications. Nowadays, a lot of the job search takes place online, and, in fact, a lot of companies now require that you fill out the application online and take an online test. The good news is that we can help you with this at the library. With our laptops, you can even grab one of our nice comfy chairs as you look for new opportunities.

Resumes are part of the employment process nowadays and the library has the tools to help you with putting together a resume. Each of our public computers and laptops is installed with Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word, and the templates these products provide can quickly produce a quality resume. Of course, they can’t come up with what to put on your resume, but with books like “Resumes for Dummies,” the task will not be so onerous.

Now when it comes to “free,” no one beats the library. I like to say, “Free as in air, not as in kittens.” The library takes great pride in providing a quality collection of reading materials such as books, magazines and the local papers. We even purchase the latest music and movies for our patrons. In addition, the library belongs to a collection of libraries, called Nexpress, that lends materials to each other. The beauty of Nexpress is that if there is an item that you really want that we do not have, we can always borrow it from another library for you, and, yes, all of these things are provided at no cost.

See you at your library.

— Royce Kitts is library director at Tonganoxie Public Library, 303 S. Bury in Tonganoxie. He can be reached at (913) 845-3281.


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