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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

January 20, 2009

Let’s talk about mending seams in those “ready made” garments, clothing mostly from today’s mass production, very small seam allowances in the first place, seams that under any stress at all soon ravel out and pull apart, usually the side seams first.

We can even add strength to them as we mend them. Open the seam even further, then press those edges flat, then back those edges with a thin bias fabric strip (I like to cut them from organdy or some such fabric) then machine darn over them before rejoining the seams.

With today’s stretched budgets, E.S., the other day, said, “When I was a child growing up and learning to sew, I used to think, ‘What a waste, to spend all of that time slowly ripping something up to make something else.’ It was many years later that I realized how wise it really was.” And then she added: “My grandmother had an old saying as she taught me to sew that I’ve never forgotten, (as she made me rip that out just right there do that bit over). ‘No one will ever know just how long it took you to do that, but the whole world will know how it will look. So patience, child, patience.’”

Thought for today: One of God’s great wonders, a most wonderful creation, there is no equal in my mind to that marvelous little honey bee. Just think about it now. Honey needs no preservative and will not spoil. And did you know, did you hear that they recently found some in the ancient pyramids unspoiled, still good? Honey can and will turn to sugar, but set the container in warm water keeping it warm and watch it turn back into delicious honey. Honey, one of the world’s first medicines. Still a favorite home remedy.


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