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Jarbalo Jottings

January 20, 2009

Jarbalo United Methodist Women met Jan. 14 at the home of Bid Sheppard for the group’s monthly meeting. Eight members answered roll call and reported 41 care calls.

The group decided to have a spring tea in June. Members also set the date for the pancake supper. It will be from 5-7 p.m. Friday, March 13.

Marilyn Oxley was program leader and read excerpts from Guidepost

The group filled out program booklets for 2009.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, Feb. 11 at the church, with Rosie Oelschlaeger as program leader and hostess. It will be the Valentine Shower for the church. Things to be given: Cleaning products and things needed in the kitchen restrooms, such as liquid soaps and paper products. Rosie Oelschlaeger will be hostess and program leader.

The group will observe UMW Sunday on Feb. 15. They will have love ribbons for sale.

Marilyn Oxley served refreshments to Frances Jeannin, Rosie Oelschlaeger, Peachez Joles, Thamar Barnett, Gladys Steffen and Rev. Larry Grove.

Kathy Stimac works for a Medicare call center in Lawrence. Thursday she was talking on the phone to a woman who suddenly seemed hysterical. Kathy asked her what was wrong and she said a plane had just landed in the Hudson River. She had seen it from her window. The same day, on another call from New York, Kathy was put on hold while the lady answered a call on her cell phone from a woman who thought the building where the first woman’s sister lived was on fire, but it turned out to be close by. The woman came back on the line and explained to Kathy what had happened. Small world.

Jesse Barnett visited Thamar Barnett on Sunday.

On Saturday, Bid Sheppard went with Bob and Sara Aufdemberge of Auburn to a double birthday party for Lacey and Tawny Aufdemberge at the home of their parents, Joel and Theresa Aufdemberge, Leavenworth.


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