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Letter to the editor: Board members should be given support

January 28, 2009

To the editor:

Regardless of whether Tonganoxie USD 464 patrons support the school board’s recent decision regarding Superintendent Erickson’s contract renewal, please support our school board members.

We elected our school board members to represent our interests. With those votes we have entrusted them with the responsibility to complete their managerial due diligence. This frequently involves access to information that the general public is legally not privy to, in order to protect the privacy of all involved parties. I suspect that none of us, regardless of whom we work for, would be open to public review of our performance.

I would encourage all Tonganoxie USD 464 patrons to vote for school board members to uphold their trust, and give them the latitude to do their job, which is inevitably to ensure the highest quality education and standards for our children.

Amy Botts,



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