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Six Tidal Waves swimmers finish first at Lake Quivira

July 7, 2009

Tongie Tidal Waves swimmers Luke Falk, Meron Hayden, Caden Hellman, Asher Huseman, Gad Huseman and Maria Stieben all had first-place finishes at the team’s swim meet July 1 at Lake Quivira.

Tongie Tidal Waves results

July 1

At Lake Quivira


6 and younger

Allyson Sparks — second, freestyle relay; third, freestyle; fourth, backstroke

8 and younger

Meron Hayden — first, freestyle relay

Maria Stieben — first, freestyle relay; fifth, breaststroke

10 and younger

Molly Monahan — third, medley relay

Rachel Maurer — third, freestyle relay, medley relay

Ashley Stieben — third, freestyle relay

Bailey Jackson — third, freestyle relay, medley relay

Nicole Tallent — third, breaststroke, freestyle relay, medley relay; fifth, backstroke

12 and younger

Sophia Breedlove — second, freestyle relay; third, medley relay

14 and younger

Sidney Gritner — second, medley relay; third, freestyle relay; fifth, backstroke

Rachel Woods — second, medley relay; third, freestyle relay

18 and younger

Lacie Falk — fifth, backstroke, individual medley


6 and younger

Caden Hellman — first, backstroke; second, freestyle, freestyle relay

8 and younger

Alex Falk — third, individual medley; fourth, backstroke; fifth, freestyle and breaststroke

10 and younger

James Breedlove — second, medley relay; third, freestyle relay

Rylan Hellman — second, medley relay

Gad Huseman — first, breaststroke; second, freestyle relay, medley relay; third, butterfly

Zeb Huseman — second, freestyle relay; third, backstroke

Luke Falk — first, freestyle relay, medley relay; second, breaststroke, medley; third, butterfly; fourth, freestyle

12 and younger

Asher Huseman — first, freestyle, backstroke, freestyle relay, medley relay; second, breaststroke, individual medley

14 and younger

David Falk — second, butterfly, medley relay; third, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, individual medley

Lee Maughmer — fourth, freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, medley, freestyle relay; fifth, breaststroke


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