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Remember When: a community review

July 15, 2009

10 years ago: June 30, 1999

Goatman Still Active: “They have a delightful disposition,” says 84 year-old Ahman Karr of Tonganoxie. Karr, who raised Saanen goats for 18 years, is still very interested in the American Dairy Goat Association scene even though he got out of the business eight years ago. The Kaw Valley Classic Dairy Goat Show that was held June 18-19 at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds attracted 344 entries from eight states.

The Douglas County Aids Project raised more than $3,500 Saturday at the Lawrence Municipal Airport, with 20-minute plane rides donated by 15 local pilots to 240 passengers. This is the second year pilots have donated their time and planes to raise money for DCAP. Adult passengers donated $18 for a ride while children donated $12. Joe Wilson, Linwood, said he had been flying for a month, jokingly. “That’s my pat answer. I’ve really been flying for ten years.” He served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

Deaths: Elsie M. Jones, 66, Topeka, died June 28, 1999; Alberta Lee Miller, 74, Salina, died June 21, 1999; Novilla P. Morrow, 89, Higginsville, Mo., died June 18, 1999.

Birth: Larry and Jill Stean, Tonganoxie, proudly announce the birth of their son Dominic Martin, on May 28, 1999.

Springdale Scene: Evelyn Schwinn and Jeanette Cole attended the 50th anniversary celebration for Jim and Mary Thomas at the High Prairie Church, Saturday, June 19.

25 years ago: June 27, 1984

James Eubanks, 13 years old, brought in this 24 1/2 lb., 38 in. long catfish. He caught the fish on a trotline, baited with worms, in a local farm pond.

Deaths: Mrs. Bessie Fay Lobb, 82, Tonganoxie, died June 25, 1984; Donald Herbert Brauer, 62, Rich Hill, Mo., died Monday; Ralph E. Johnson, 76, Glasgow, Mo., formerly of the Kansas City area, died June 24, 1984.

The third annual reunion of the descendants of Samuel Peter Haas, Sr. and Elizabeth Ann Shobert Haas was held June 10 at the Florence Riford Senior Club. The event was hosted by their granddaughter, Anna Haas Denholm.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. David Whitford wish to announce the birth of their son, Dallan David, June 9, 1984.

Linwood News: Our community is sad to hear of the death of Effa B. Handley, 73, Linwood, on June 18.

Jarbalo Jottings: Westley and Judy Warren are the parents of a boy born Sunday afternoon.

Glenwood EHU 70th Anniversary: June 24, 1984, 2 to 4 p.m. at Glenwood Community Center, held in a building more than 100 years old — 1881. Anna Mary Landauer recognized the State, County and local members past and present.

50 years ago: July 16, 1959

The new Larry and Vara Myers home on the other side of the State Lake is coming along fine. They are doing most of the work themselves and it really looks nice. It is a three-bedroom split level. When finished, it should be a show place.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee Borden of Kansas City, Kan., announce the birth of a daughter, June 29, 1959. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hallhan are the grandparents.

A party celebrating the third birthday of Barbara Felts was given by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Felts, last Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Frank Hughes announce the birth of their son, Carl Alan, July 14, 1949.

Basehor: Mr. Wm. Welgrube passed away Friday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James Trackwell, at Sacramento, Calif. Burial was in Bonner Springs cemetery. Mrs. Trackwell was formerly of Basehor.

Mrs. Clare Robertson had an unusual and painful experience Monday evening when she was bitten on the right ankle by a badger.

75 years ago: June 21, 1934

Benny Hughes of Tonganoxie got quite a thrill in Kansas City, Kan., Monday where he was helping fish and game officials remove the fish from the Big Eleven Lake. A lot of bystanders watched the fish being removed and calling to Hughes pointed out what was apparently a large fish. Benny dived for the fish with a net, captured him. It proved to be a 40 lb. grandfather of the carp species. He and John Lenahan, another Tonganoxie boy, who was helping, posed for a picture with the big carp, which was published in Monday’s Kansas City Times.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Seymour are improving their home by building a porch on the east.

The classic remark of the man who said the more he saw of men the better he liked dogs, may be paralleled by the one who said the more he saw of politics the better he liked fishin’.

Pony Creek: A crowd gathered at the McRill home Monday night with a charivari for the newlyweds but got no response.

Miss Rose Ann McCaffrey is spending this week with Jean Wickey at Jarbalo.

Wm. (Billie) Salmon, for many years head mechanic for J.C. Laming and Son, has rented the Merchant & Patton Garage and will start in the garage business for himself. He will be in his new place of business next week.

The death of Preston Haworth, Easton, occurred Monday night. He would have been 83 this fall.

100 years ago: July 1, 1909

The plant of the Faultless Condensed Milk Company laid off part of its help last week and quit canning milk temporarily. All the milk received is being skimmed and shipped to Kansas City. The plant has received so much more milk this summer than anticipated that all its room has been exhausted, and the cases of milk are piled ceiling high throughout the factory. When the milk supply is greatest, orders for canned milk are lightest, and in all plants stocks accumulate rapidly in the early summer.

Some malicious person or persons caught Henry Toburen’s cat a few evenings ago, and dipped the animal in tar.

Jesse George, a former Springdale boy and attorney of Leavenworth, is visiting his folks. He has been in the Philippines the past eleven years.

An automobile party from Lawrence got caught in the rain here Sunday evening, and went back on the motor Monday. The auto was carefully stabled in Tonganoxie.

Thos. Nicholson, who lived on Hubbel Hill just west of town, ten or fifteen years, coming here in the early eighties, died in El Modena, California, June 10.

A McLouth man bought him a new automobile in Kansas City Saturday, and started out that day. He got as far as Bonner Springs before the first breakdown. When repaired he got caught in the mud, and it was Monday evening before he got to Tonganoxie. No report was received from him after he left here.


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