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City ponders payment as county misses deadlines

July 29, 2009

The city had planned on paying $100,000 this year for part of the County Road 1 improvements, but now city leaders aren’t willing to give up the money so easily.

During Monday night’s regular meeting the Tonganoxie City Council discussed its options as far as making the first payment when the county hasn’t been keeping up with its part of an interlocal agreement.

Mike Yanez, city administrator, told the council that a number of deadlines for tasks written into the agreement have passed without the tasks being completed. He proposed the council send an addendum drafted by Mike Kelly, the city attorney, to the Leavenworth County Commissioners to put in new dates to the agreement.

“Let’s sit down, let’s talk about new deadlines, let’s keep moving forward, but before the city gives you money, we want to make sure we have this development standard zoning regulation plan in place,” Yanez said. “That is why the city is making a contribution — so we can have a place at the table over how properties are developed along the corridor.”

This September, the city agreed to pay the first of 10 installments to the county for the $1.5 million it pledged for County Road 1. Tonganoxie will pay the county $100,000 each September for 10 years with the remaining $500,000 to be paid out of any development fees collected over that time period, and any balance to be paid off by the end of September 2019.

Heather Morgan, Leavenworth County administrator, said the county was no longer negotiating with RED Development to create a development plan for the corridor and the county was waiting until after the budget season to look at development plans.

Councilmembers Jason Ward and Paula Crook, who served on a committee that drafted the initial interlocal agreement, said they would be in favor of holding on to the money until an agreement is reached.

“I think we’ll have more information after their budget is done,” Ward said. “We won’t include our $100,000 in payment in 2009. We still want to work together, but I don’t know if either party knows where it’s going to at this point.”

Kelly suggested going back to talk to the county and starting a dialogue before any new dates are set.

In other business the council:

• Unanimously approved the special event application for the Leavenworth County Fair parade that will be on Aug. 11.

• Unanimously approved the purchase order for a 6-inch Elster AMCO model F4000 Fire Service Meter for $5,540.75. The meter will be used by the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities to determine how much water the city takes from BPU.

• Unanimously approved to enter into an agreement with BPU for construction observation services for the new BPU waterline.

• Unanimously approved a resolution approving the execution of bylaws for the Midwest Public Risk and naming Kathy Bard as the city’s representative.

• Unanimously agreed to adopt the updated flood plain maps and flood plain regulations to meet federal standards.

• Met in executive session for 10 minutes with Yanez, Bard, assistant city administrator, and Kelly to discuss the acquisition of real property.


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