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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

June 3, 2009

What’s more precious to us than our families, our loved ones? Our world revolves around them. Families are the very foundation of our nation, the world around us. Today I’d like to write about one such happy family. Mr. and Mrs. Charley (and Sandy) Rickey and their crew of five.

You’ve perhaps seen that bright little yellow Corvette, the one with the special tag “WHAT IF.”

There is very special story, and game, behind that “what-if.” As their crew of five — Tracy, Tressia, Cindy, Steven and Chopper — now married and with families of their own, still all play the same game with their children.

Now with 16 grandchildren, Grandma Sandy laughed as she told me this story. She was recently taking a small, sleepy youngster home the other night when out of the back seat came this sleepy, happy voice, “Hey, Grandma, what if.”

The game, ah yes, it was a traveling-in-the-car game of questions and answers. She might start it with “Cindy, what if someone knocks at your door. It’s a pizza delivery boy but you never ordered a pizza, but he can’t take it back, what do you do? Oh and look, it’s covered with mushrooms and onions, ugh.”

She has to give some kind of answer.

“You can get some goofy answers but that’s the fun,” Sandy said. The child then has to ask her own question of the next person, and on and on.

The car is full of fun and laughter and the miles just fly by. “It’s also a way of teaching the children lessons about the world and problems they may face,” she said.

The kid’s were grown up when they surprised her with the special tag for her birthday.

“That was years ago but I still keep that tag,” Sandy said. “We’re never all together when someone doesn’t come out of the blue with a ‘What if’ question for someone.”

We’ve all played car games as we’ve traveled but I bet we don’t remember them as this family does theirs. Thanks, Sandy, for sharing. I’m sure it will catch on in many more families.

Bye now and God bless.

— Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086;


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