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Being teacher helps Smith serve on board

March 25, 2009

Kay Smith has been teaching for 23 years, which she said is an asset when it comes to being on the school board.

“I believe that being a teacher is helpful for serving on the board,” Smith said. “I attend many conferences for my vocational teaching position where I learn current trends in employment, technology and education. This gives me a basis to evaluate the current programs in our school district.”

Smith, who has taught at Basehor, as well as Highland Park in Topeka, is in her 14th year at Leavenworth High School, where she is a family and consumer science teacher. She has been on the school board since 2002, when she was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Phil Weide.

She said she is running for another term because of her many years of involvement in education.

“I have been a teacher my entire life,” Smith said. “Being on the board has given me the opportunity to be a part of the organization that has been meaningful to me. I feel that it is important to have members on the board that are involved directly with school on a routine basis.”

A Tonganoxie High School graduate herself, Smith said the most important challenge facing the district is the financial situation that is being forced from the state.

“The district is addressing the issue by keeping a close eye on each expense and looking closely at other ways of doing business that would reduce current costs,” Smith said. “Some examples would include the free busing within the 2 1/2 miles from the attendance centers and the energy audit that is currently in progress.”

Asked what she would like people to know about her when it comes to making a difficult decision on the board, she said she bases her decision on several things.

“I ask myself ‘What is best for the health, welfare and safety of students?’” she said. “On personnel decisions, I speak directly to the people involved and the ones affected by that decision.”

Smith is running against challenger Randy Wager for Position 5.


Ted_W 9 years, 2 months ago

Ms Smith is a member of the National Education Association Union and it is my belief a conflict of interest for her to serve on a school board that negotiates with the union for teacher pay and benefits.

What does the NEA stand for? At their recent national convention delegates advocated Same Sex Marriage, gay parent adoption, Instate tuition for illegal immigrants, amnesty for illegal immigrants, mandatory sex education, abortion on demand, a childs right to have an abortion without parental notification, and a plethora of other social issues the NEA has no business attempting to force down our throats.

Ms. Smith is an activist and Tonganoxie is a wholesome community that doesn't agree with the NEA agenda.


jsctongie 9 years, 2 months ago

Kay has always done a good job at responding to parent concerns. She listens to them and then will make sure she follows up with you. Sometimes the answer isnt what you want to here, but you can count on it not being swept under the rug. Thanks Kay Smith, you are appreciated and you have my vote.


Trouble 9 years, 2 months ago

I don't agree with Ted W- Ms Smith is not forcing nothing down the people of Tonganoxie throats. She is a teacher and has a family of her own. My opinion she tries to do what is best for the school district. She has done a good job so far. Good luck in the election Ms. Smith. You have my vote.


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