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Wager set to give back

Randy Wager

Randy Wager

March 25, 2009

Randy Wager went to school “all over the place” and graduated from a high school in California.

A goal he had was for his son to attend school in one place from kindergarten through 12th grade.

His son, Caleb, now is a junior at Tonganoxie High School.

With that goal nearly achieved, Wager now is ready to give back to the school district.

“There were various things, but mainly it’s just a sense I appreciate Caleb’s education,” Wager said, explaining why he decided to run. “And he’s getting close to graduation and I think everybody should give something back to the community. That’s one way I felt I could.”

Employed with Leavenworth-Jefferson Electric Cooperative as a foreman for line clearance of right of way, Wager actually was born and then raised for a few years in the area, as his family has farmed for more than 100 years near Jarbalo. He, his wife, Ronda, and Caleb now live in the area where Randy spent his early years.

If elected, Wager said he’s ready to listen to all sides of issues.

“What I feel is my strength is just that I’m kind of measured in my responses,” he said. “I can look at both sides of an issue and make decisions on facts and not emotions and feelings.

“I don’t necessarily have any disapproval of the way the school systems is being run. In fact, I think we have a good school system. I just want to maintain that and keep Tonganoxie on the right track.”

Wager said he’s visited with building administrators and thinks they’re “all qualified individuals.”

“The new assistant superintendent is a good fit for that job and I look forward to working with all of them,” Wager said, referring to Kyle Hayden, who will replace Richard Erickson as superintendent this summer.

With the difficult economic times, Wager said “there will be places we’ll need to cut.”

But he said he wanted to be sure to retain teachers and staff as best as possible.

“Most important to me is to try to keep the teachers and staff,” Wager said. “The people will be the hardest thing to replace when times get better again.”

Wager is running against incumbent Kay Smith for Position 5.


tongierosey 9 years, 1 month ago

I’m not sure how many people will read this but for some people that don’t know who Roger Shilling is I think you need to hear this.

First of all, if Rogers elected, all of us can kiss growth good by. It’s sad to say that but it’s true. Roger is running for city council because he’s been pissed at the city for many years.

Most of you might not recall or even know the city attempted to have Roger clean up the dump he calls a business located west of the library. If you don’t know what I’m talking about take a drive and look at it. This building is located at the southwest corner of Bury and 3rd Streets. It’s an old white building, that has windows broken out, and is crammed full of junk, then take a look around it. Old used water heaters, old used washers and dryers, scrap metal, junk vehicles that haven’t ran in years. This is a public health hazard and he wants to get pissed at the city for trying to do something about it. Who knows what hazardous types of chemicals he has in there or how many gallons of used motor oil he has sitting around or he has dumped on the ground out side of this building.

Then lets more to his store. The main ceiling has been falling down for years, the roof has too many leaks to count. He has crap sitting all over and you can barley make your way through the building. The condition of the building is POOR at best. I personal feel that both of his buildings need to be condemned and stay that way until they are both repaired and are brought up to city code. I’m sure the city would love to do something like this, but I’m sure there afraid of the law suits Roger would bring against them, for attempted to only do their job, and trying to rid this public hazard / Health hazard.

For those of you still wondering where I’m going, here it is. If Roger has this much pride in his business, do you think he’s going to have much more in your city? I can see it now, pot holes in all the roads, water leaks not getting fixed, emergency response being cut. I don’t agree with everything the city has done over the past few years, but we need to look forward and learn from our mistakes. Putting Roger in public office is not our answer. If he wants to run again in a few years, he should at least attempt to show the citizens he has pride in his own business and work on cleaning them up first before he tells the city how fix their problems.




straightup 9 years, 1 month ago

My views on Rosey's remarks.

My views on people that step up and volunteer to become city leaders or volunteer to do community work has something very special in them. This is why Tonganoxie is a great place to live. But for an Tonganoxie citizen to say something like this is unbelievable.

Roger Shilling and the other candidates are offering the citizens of Tonganoxie their time away from their families and work to volunteer to be our city leaders. We can put our trust in them or not. Its our choice.To put a man down because of the age of or the shape of a building he owns is in bad taste. These People that are running for office are dedicated people of our community. They have to be to take on this kind of responsibility. Thank God that we do not have a small minded person like Rosey wanting to be our city official or I hope not. I would like to Thank people like Roger Shilling and Jim Truesdell, Jason Ward, Sieglinde Marx, Burdel Welsh and anyone else that has or plans on trying to become a city leader.

We should give Roger Shilling credit for stepping up to the plate and offering the citizens to be a representative for us. The same credit should be given to the other candidates. Don't be Ugly Rosey. We should want to encourage people to step up and take a role in our community.


tongierosey 9 years, 1 month ago

First of all I want to make this clear; I have a tremendous respect for people that take time out of their lives to attempt to make the city better. I don’t have respect for people that want to run for office on the sole point that they want to fight the city and hit them where it hurts. That’s what we’re seeing here. Tonganoxie is growing, and each and every one of us needs to help move forward.


A quote from Mr. Shilling;

“If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it,” he said. “That’s what I do unless I can see a return immediately.”

I see that’s how Mr. Shilling works, just look at his buildings. Sometimes you have to look outside the box and make an investment even if you don’t see a return on it immediately. The return can be as simple as improving the way the city looks (example cleaning up buildings and properties, that increases home values around that area, I sure don’t want to live around a junk yard / public health violation)

I’m not being ugly, I’m stating the facts, and the intentions of the city are not to turn Tonganoxie into a “bedroom society”. First of all we need to look at bring in some business, and not more duplexes. A lot of that falls on the builders looking to make a quick buck on houses, then we have to look at the city for allowing them to build all of these duplexes. That just comes down to poor planning (Mr. Shilling you might want to start off working on the planning commission, seeing what you have to say to the Mirror you would serve a much better purpose on the planning commission, then you would on the city council). Or we can look at it this way; look at how many people fought the post office for wanting to move their building (there is no room for expansion at its exiting location, and the way the city’s growing we have to expand government services). Just think how many people would scream and yell if they wanted to build a box store in town. Our downtown is nice but lets look at this way, the only new business that could move into one of these buildings is some sort of mom and pop shops (you can only find so many of these stores around). If you want a big name brand business to move into Tonganoxie, most of them require buildings to be built to their specs. None of these downtown businesses will meet their specs. It’s a catch 22, what are we to do?




Sissy 9 years, 1 month ago

This is not even about Randy. You bloggers need to find the right site! Rosey- you need to blog about Shilling on Shillings story.


nonbeliever 9 years, 1 month ago

I agree with Sissy--what happened to discussion or of Randy's interview? I'm sorry,Randy--you are not as big a target as Roger Shilling--and I think you will be a good school board member if anyone can remember you are running!


Ted_W 9 years, 1 month ago

What the %# are they talking about shilling for on this story?

School Board: Wager appears to be a man of integrity. Doesn't seem to have an agenda like Smith. Hopkins seems intelligent and genuine. It was a toss up between Grinter and the Military guy, Tate didn't impress me as a very smart guy.

Wager, Hopkins, and Grinter are my picks to win?


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