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May 6, 2009

Many times in today’s world you hear, “Is it just me and old father time or what?”

A question or comment you hear over and over these days.

It’s everywhere.

It’s everyone.

It’s even in the younger generation now.

Time just flies. The whole world seemingly has that “Mad Rush virus” — I’ve dubbed it here in my corner.

Think about it. Our kids don’t even have a chance to be kids, not at all like we, even our kids, did. The fast pace push begins for little tots. Mom and dad rush off to work and drop them off at the babysitter, daycare or pre-school. A child is not really a child like a child has every right to be. Some kids are growing up not really knowing their own parents and what they stand for, I’m sure, or their own siblings.

Then school lunches, in just minutes, they gulp it down. They’re poor eating habits, suffering on down the road as a result, even severe health issues as a result.

Oh it keeps on, that mad rush. It keeps on moving, that “Road Rage” monster. Why, it’s just a side effect of the mad rush virus. Do you suppose it could have begun with faster cars, that amazing speed we could then “move on” and get there in so many minutes.

Thoughts like these always take me back to that sign on Interstate-70 just west of Topeka as we headed back to Manhattan, they had increased the speed limit to 80 mph. Soon up popped this sign: “AT 40 mph you are driving your car; at 80, you are aiming it.”

Or to Dad’s farm lantern hanging over the radiator ornament on the old Model T on our way home from that barn dance at the neighbors when the juice for the headlights had drained away.

We must make a real effort to take the kids to fun relaxing moments, no TV and no computers. Get out with Mother Nature — those quiet days in the sun at the beach, fishing and picnics. Making a real effort to have a lot of “talk about it” time, tuning in to what their world has become to them. Spend the day in your own back yard, climb trees, build a birdhouse and most of all, tune in. Listen to them and what their world has become.

Sorry, if I got carried away but you know “me and kids.”

Pray for all of our families, the very foundation of our nation.

Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086; auntnorie@att,net.


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