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Linwood mayor resigns

May 15, 2009

Just a little less than a month after accepting Linwood’s top political position, Ed Morris said he’s had enough.

On Friday afternoon, Morris submitted his letter of resignation to the Linwood City Clerk.

“They don’t understand what is going on around them for one thing,” Morris said about the council. “And they don’t want my input it in so I’m not going to waste my time.”

In the two meetings that he’s presided over, Morris said the council has avoided making decisions necessary to improve Linwood’s infrastructure.

When he attempted to get the council to call a special meeting to discuss ongoing and potential litigation, he said his request was ignored. That was the last straw for Morris.

Morris won the seat after receiving seven out of 24 write-in votes in the April 7 elections. Nobody filed for the position.

He had second thoughts about taking the position soon after he was informed by the Leavenworth County Clerk of his election, stating that fixing all of the city’s problems would be “an uphill battle and I'm not sure if it's something that I want to get into.”

Karen Kane, Linwood city clerk, said Linwood City Council President Robin Hilt would become acting mayor for the next two years unless she resigns. Kane had no further comment on Morris’ resignation.

Hilt also had no comment on the resignation or her new position as Linwood mayor.

“If they had wanted to work at some of the problems, I would have dug in and helped the work,” Morris said. “It doesn’t do anything if they are not interested in making things happen. It’s business as usual in Linwood.”


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