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Crazy Dress Day brings about awareness

May 20, 2009

The fashion police likely would have been handing out citations right and left Friday at McLouth Elementary School.

It was Crazy Dress Day in which students dressed as wacky as they could. Some wore wigs and others clothes that didn’t match. One student even wore underwear on his head for the occasion.

The wacky wardrobe wearing has been an annual event at MES. The event is done to bring awareness about Hunter syndrome, a form of MPS or mucopolysaccharidosis.

Seth Van Nostrand, a fourth-grader at MES, has the condition. It’s a disorder in which the body’s enzymes are unable to break down and recycle cell material.

His parents, Corey and Misty Van Nostrand, have brought awareness each year to the school on or as close to May 15 as possible. May 15 is International MPS Awareness Day.

A video is shown to each class about the disorder and the craziest-dressed student in each class receives a DVD about the disorder.

“It’s all about awareness,” Corey said. “You never know what they’re going to be. Some might be doctors or geneticists.”

Right now, doctors expect Seth to live until he’s 13, but previously he was expected to live to the age of 10. He just turned 10 in April.

Asked what he thought about what people were wearing to school, he said with a big grin “they’re kind of funny.”

Seth, who his dad said is profoundly deaf and reads lips, loves to play baseball. Although he’s not able to run and can get tired quickly, he does bat, which he said is his favorite part. If he does get a hit, someone pinch-runs for him and it is an automatic single. An extra fielder also is used when Seth takes to defense.


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