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Aunt Norie’s Sewing room

May 27, 2009

Sewing being almost my middle name, as I’ve often said, it always interests me to know how — and maybe why — you learned to sew. From the young bride whose husband knew how and soon taught her, to another cute one.

My mom always hounded me to learn basic sewing, “you’ll wish you had someday.”

Oh how true that was, an awful embarrassing day that was. In the middle of a tennis court, r-i-i-i-p went the seat of her shorts. She’d noticed how the seam was weakening. “Next time I’m over to moms,” she thought.

She had to forfeit the game. With Band-Aids and safety pins she’d gotten home. But then Mom said, “better leave them here for me to repair.”

“No mom, if you have time I’d like to cancel my plans for this evening and have my first sewing lesson,” she recalled saying, adding “that was of course many years ago and I’m still learning as I sew and mend for my family. I so many times just have to stop and go over that day with mom.”

Oh yes, the little girls are sewing too, even their dad and big brother can handle the sewing machine. Of course, they’ve all heard mom’s story, and laughed over it.

Until next week remember, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

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Laundry cost cutters, a recent story from the Lawrence Journal-World:

1. Skip dryer sheets, pour a little fabric softener on a dish towel as it goes in the dryer. 2. One dryer sheet can do two loads. 3 Cut dryer time by tossing a couple of tennis balls into the dryer. 4 Using cold water can save a person about $63 a year.


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