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Speed humps remind drivers to slow down

November 4, 2009

If drivers are having a difficult time remembering the areas on Shawnee and Fourth streets that are school zones, there is a new way to remind them.

As part of the city’s Safe Routes to School program, speed humps and a raised crosswalk have been installed near Tonganoxie Elementary School on Fourth and Second streets and near Tonganoxie Middle School on Washington Street.

“I hear people complain about the speed bumps, so that’s kind of good news, bad news,” Tammie George, TES principal, said. “If they are commenting, it’s because they are starting to find out about them and it is going to help people know that it is a school area and to slow down.”

To make things a little easier for residents, Kathy Bard, assistant city administrator, said signs would be coming up very soon to warn drivers about the speed humps and the raised school crossing.

The new signs will alert drivers to the location of the raised crosswalks and ask them to reduce their speed to 15 mph. The current lack of signage on those streets is catching some drivers off guard.

Last week, Tonganoxie Mayor Mike Vestal was traveling on Fourth Street when he hit one of the new speed humps.

“That was a rude a rude awakening,” Vestal said about hitting the bump while he was going 20 mph. “I just about fell out of my chair.”

Although the construction detours for the humps caused some headaches, Vestal and Bard said they have not received very many phone calls complaining about the safety devices.

On Monday, Tonganoxie Fire Chief Dave Bennett said he doesn’t foresee the speed humps slowing down response time during emergencies.

“I haven’t been over one of them in a big truck, but I haven’t heard anything from the guys who have,” Bennett said.

Tonganoxie police Lt. Billy Adcox echoed Bennett’s response and said it will not have any major impact on their duties.

Now that the speed humps have been installed, the next phase of the SRTS program will be for King’s Construction Co. to install sidewalks along Second, Third and Washington streets. Weather permitting, the project is expected to be completed no later than the middle of December.


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