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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

October 21, 2009

People now-a-days so often ask me of my generation, of the Great Depression.

“How in the world did you make it?” they would ask.

Our answer usually was, “We had to,” when people of today’s generation ask. They just can’t understand.

But as we look back, we maybe had so little, yet to us we also had so very much. We had families, total families, closely knit together, caring, sharing neighbors — all working and pulling together, trusting one another. People didn’t lock their doors.

We accepted it. We knew God would provide. The world was not as complicated as it is today. We played games, the whole family.

I guess the phrase that was coined later, during World War II, was: “Use it up, make it do or do without.” The phrase really may have come from the old pioneers, for that certainly was their way of life.

I might ask here, have any of you ever had a hand towel actually wear out, see it become thread, bare thin in the middle?

Cut the thing into portions and sew those outside edges together to create another towel. We did that and so much more. The thing is we never gave up; we never quit. But most of all, we trusted God. Too much of today’s world would kick God out of existence. That’s our real problem, I’m sure.

A little child was safe anywhere. That I think bothers me more than anything else, that a small child whose very nature is to reach out to trust, has to learn, “No! No! He (or she) is a stranger and you can’t trust any stranger.”

Bye for now. Pray for this great nation and it’s leaders.

Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086.


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