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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

October 28, 2009

If there is an author to this collection of thoughts, sorry I don’t have that.

“If you dare not, you don’t.

Success begins with your own will,

It’s all in your state of mind.

Life’s battles are not always won

By those who are stronger or faster.

Sooner or later the person who wins

Is the person who thinks he can.”

We’ve all had those dull, gloomy, boring days, as we’ve had of late, as winter begins to move in.

I like then to sit down and make a list of things I see I’ve forgotten to get done before the snow flies, such as digging up and moving that rose bush, that seedling. By spring it will be tough to pull up. Plan on paper for that new flower bed.

Oh, and that closet: really do pitch and sort. Didn’t wear it? Haven’t worn it? Toss, toss, toss. Most of all, I need that space.

Remember those old friends who really are shut in, in the nursing home perhaps. Go visit them and meet new friends while there. Offer to help the craft person with projects she may have going with the residents.

Those poor overloaded teachers of your children, grandchildren who need volunteers from the community — just one or two days a month means a lot to them. It gets you out of the house and makes you feel so good.

You will soon be so busy and have a schedule to keep. Most of all you won’t be complaining that “there’s just nothing to do.”

God bless. Hugs now,

– Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086;


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