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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

September 9, 2009

Going back to “those days” of The Depression, the Dust Bowl and others, now finding this little jewel I just have to share it with you.

Maybe the Native American lad in the following story could make some wise suggestions to the American people.

It is reported that the Farmer Stockman, a farm journal, printed a picture of a deserted, wind-swept farmhouse in the Dust Bowl and offered a prize a for the best essay on the effects of soil erosion.

An Oklahoma Native American lad got the prize when he wrote “Picture show why white man crazy. Cut down trees. Make too big tepee. Plow hill. Water wash. Wind blow soil. Grass gone. Door gone. Squaw gone. Whole place gone to hell. No pig. No corn. No pony. Indian no plow land. Keep grass. Buffalo eat grass. Indian eat buffalo. Hide make plenty big tepee. Make moccasin. All time eat. Indian no hunt job. No work. No hitchhike. No ask relief. No build dam. No give dam. White man heap crazy.”

J.J. was remembering those olden days. “Oh yes, I can so very well — people, even kids, faced harsh realities. You had to have ‘made it,’ ‘grown it,’ ‘stored it. There certainly was no run out and buy it, or you just didn’t have it, you just done without or found another way.”

Then she added, “The thing I remember: most people adjusted. People were happy, people were content with what they had.”

Thank you for those beautiful thoughts. People just are great aren’t they?

Stay happy now. God Bless. Hugs now.

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