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5 questions: Protect your car

September 16, 2009

Tonganoxie police Lt. Billy Adcox discusses the increasing number of vehicle burglaries taking place in the city.

Q: How many burglaries have there been so far?

A: There have been 11 reported thefts since Aug. 14. There might be more that just haven’t been reported.

Q: What have the thieves been stealing?

A: They’re stealing money, CDs, sunglasses, DVDs and anything that is readily available. We’ve had a couple of stereos stolen. Their entering unlocked vehicles and removing personal items in plain sight or in the glove box. They are in and out pretty quick.

Q: Where is this happening?

A: North of Washington Street to the Stone Creek subdivision has had reports of burglaries to autos. We haven’t had any reports south of Washington Street.

Q: Are the thieves breaking into the cars?

A: There is no forced entry. The thieves are targeting cars that are unlocked. It usually happens overnight. We usually get calls from residents early Saturday or Sunday morning about the theft. We’ve had some during the week, but they’ve mostly been on Friday and Saturday nights.

Q: Are there any suspects yet?

A: We are pursuing leads. If anyone has information, please contact the Tonganoxie Police Department by phone at (913) 369-3754 or email at Residents should always lock their car doors and remove any personal items from the vehicle.


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