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County rejects interlocal agreement

September 16, 2009

Leavenworth County Commissioners want to say thanks, but no thanks to a new interlocal agreement proposed by the city of Tonganoxie.

On Thursday, the commissioners discussed the draft agreement that was sent by Kathy Bard, Tonganoxie assistant city administrator, to the members of the committee in charge of developing two previous interlocal agreements between the city and the county regarding County Road 1.

The new agreement, which was modeled after an interlocal agreement between Miami County and Spring Hill, asked that the county relinquish control of the area in the city’s planned urban growth management area and give that control to the city. The commission wanted no part of it.

“They are asking us as county commissioners to give up certain rights that affect citizens in the county,” commissioner John Flower said. “And those citizens in the county that will be impacted have no ability to vote for those that will impact their building codes, their zoning, etcetera.”

The new agreement came after the city proposed amending one of its current interlocal agreements because it felt the county had missed certain deadlines in the signed agreement related to creating a development plan for the corridor.

J.C. Tellefson did not agree with giving the city more control over territory without annexing land and thought the new proposal was a waste of his time.

“They have made no argument that I feel acceptable that I should consider giving away representation,” Tellefson said.

Although Flower said the new interlocal agreement had some good points and was written well, he wasn’t certain the agreement made for Miami County and Spring Hill would work in Leavenworth County because the market study used to develop that agreement wouldn’t apply to the CR 1 corridor.

“I think we were more than willing to work with Tonganoxie on the County Road 1 corridor and we are still willing to work with Tonganoxie on the County Road 1 corridor,” Flower said.

In other business Thursday, commissioners:

• Met in executive session with David Van Parys, county counselor, for 10 minutes to discuss potential litigation.

• Met in executive session with Heather Morgan, county administrator, for five minutes to discuss non-elected personnel.

In other business Sept. 8, the commissioners:

• Unanimously voted to authorize an exception to the hiring freeze for two EMS technicians.

• Unanimously agreed to terminate gas service and the $500 required to remove the gas meter from the old jail.

• Met in executive session with Morgan and Jeff Joseph, planning and zoning director, to discuss non-elected personnel for 15 minutes.

• Met in executive session with Morgan to discuss homeland security for 27 minutes.


mymonkey 8 years, 8 months ago

So 18 million on a road with no building conditions. Maybe it can look like that hodge podge called Leavenworth. When did folks in that area vote for more than one commissioner??? No wonder the public was skeptical of this boondoggle in the first place. 18 million, 18 million.


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