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Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club report

April 6, 2010

The regular monthly meeting of the Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club was called to order by Lauren Hoge at 7:45 p.m. Thursday, April 1.

Roll call was taken by Allie Packard, and was answered by if you did an April fools on anyone.

Afton and Aiden Boone held the flag salutes, and Molly Monahan and Catherine Davidson led the club in singing the Wiggilo.

Allie Packard read the reading of minutes. They were approved by Lauren Hoge. Bonnie Monahan read the reporter’s report. The count council report was read by Daniel Monahan and Hannah Davidson. For leaders reports, Daniel Monahan and Bonnie Monahan gave a foods report. Tyler Grammer gave a rocketry report, and Mrs. Monahan passed out ribbons for the people that got blue ribbons for participating in the 4-H Choir at County Club Days, and Regional Days.

Mrs. McIntyre talked about the geology dig slated for June, and Austin Wiley said that he needed more people to sign up for committees. Crystal Wiley talked about an upcoming foods meeting, and Ben Jacobs gave a quote.

Allie Packard presented a project talk on ducks, and Crystal Wiley announced another foods meeting was coming up soon.

Arial Jacobs gave a safety tip. Lauren Hoge adjourned the meeting, and Mollie Hoge seconded it.

— Bonnie Monahan, Reno Bobwhites 4-H reporter


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