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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

April 20, 2010

Henrieta Bradley sends us these chilling thoughts cleverly put together by one Linda Miller, coming from down South Carolina way.

If you’ve ever been in a hospital, you’ve had to deal with “The Gown with the Split down the Back.”

I was sitting here minding my business, Just letting my brain go slack,

when in came a nurse with a smile on her face, and a gown with a split down the back.

“Take a shower,” she said, “and get ready, and ease on into this sack.”

But what she was really talking about was that gown with the split down the back.

“We need to do some tests,” she said. Will they stretch me on a rack

With nothing twixt me and the cold, cold world, but this gown with the split down the back?

In the front I’m barely decent, on the side there is also a lack,

But by far the greatest shortcoming is that doggone split down the back.

The guy had some sense of humor who designed this little strip—-please,

But I fail to see anything funny when its my fanny feeling the breeze.

I hear them coming to get me, the wheels going clickety-clack.

I’ll ride thru the halls on a table in a gown with a split down the back.

When I go to heaven, I wont really care if my robe is white or black.

But I’m down on my knees prayin’ that there’s no doggone split down the back.

Thanks much. In all theses years, can’t we come up with a better design?

Oh well. Have great week now. God bless and cut that thread on a slant.

Aunt Norie P O Box 265 Tonganoxie KS 66086


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