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Chieftains’ summer work rewarded

August 10, 2010, 11:59 p.m.

Updated: August 11, 2010, 12:19 p.m.

Tonganoxie High’s new weight room must be a popular place.

This past week, more than 100 Tonganoxie student-athletes were rewarded for attending at least 80 percent of the school’s summer strength and conditioning workouts by receiving invites to Chieftain Power Awards Night.

THS boys and girls, as well as seventh- and eighth-graders from Tonganoxie Middle School, could attend the voluntary offseason workouts, which took place three times a week, throughout June and July. Chieftains strength coach Matt Bond estimated the sessions totaled about 115 athletes a day and the awards night guest list had 104 names on it.

Bond was pleased with the dedication demonstrated by the students, noting more people attended workouts on a regular basis this summer and the number of students who achieved 100 percent attendance jumped significantly.

“That’s what I was pleased to see,” he said.

This year 12 THS boys, four THS girls and seven TMS students — 24 total — made it to each and every workout. Compare that to last year’s number of three.

Those recognized for perfect attendance were Jacob Cannon, Jeremy Carlisle, Ben Clark, Gus Dent, Garret Elston, Grant Elston, Daniel Hipsher, Tucker Hollingsworth, Dawson Jones, Dalton Lund, Heath Martin, Connor McClellan, Ian McClellan, Shelby McDaniel, Eric McPherson, CiCi Monarrez, Molly O’Hagan, Kendall Parsons, Noa Puebla, Brett Shelton, Amanda Sheply, Evan Stilgenbauer, Milton Ulrich and Brady Waldeier.

Carlisle, a senior who won the Iron Chieftain and Elliott Heart Award on the boys side, thought his peers took a strong approach to the summer workload. He said vacations and church camps were generally the only things keeping athletes away at times.

“Whenever people could be there, they were there,” he said, adding he was impressed with the number of middle school students who came regularly.

Other major awards handed out Aug. 3 were Most Improved (Olivia Hollingsworth and Ben Reilly), Iron Chieftain (Alex Hauk and Carlisle), Never Give Up, in honor of Connor Olson, (Parker Osborne and Garret Elston) and the Elliott Heart Award, in honor of Jeremy Elliott, (O’Hagan and Carlisle).

A senior, O’Hagan said the highlight of the awards banquet was the Olson award. She said it was touching because a number of people still aren’t over his death.

“It’s awesome that he’s still a part of us,” she said, adding she would think of Olson for inspiration on days when she didn’t want to work out.

THS students haven’t forgotten Elliott either. Carlisle said he entered the summer aiming to win the Elliott Heart Award and reaching that goal was more important to him than the Iron Chieftain honor, which is decided by measuring an athlete’s ability in six areas.

“People can have talent without working hard,” Carlisle said, stressing he wanted to be a positive example to other Tonganoxie athletes. “I know that my talent’s gonna be there in the weight room but I think if you mix hard work with that it will pay off in the long run.”

Chieftain Power Awards

Most Improved

Olivia Hollingsworth and Ben Reilly

Iron Chieftain

Alex Hauk and Jeremy Carlisle

“Never Give Up” — In honor of Connor Olson

Parker Osborne and Garret Elston

Elliott Heart Award

Molly O’Hagan and Jeremy Carlisle

100 percent attendance

High school

Girls: Shelby McDaniel, CiCi Monarrez, Molly O’Hagan and Amanda Sheply.

Boys: Jacob Cannon, Jeremy Carlisle, Gus Dent, Garret Elston, Tucker Hollingsworth, Connor McClellan, Ian McClellan, Eric McPherson, Noa Puebla, Brett Shelton, Evan Stilgenbauer and Brady Waldeier.

Middle school

Boys: Ben Clark, Grant Elston, Daniel Hipsher, Dawson Jones, Dalton Lund, Heath Martin, Kendall Parsons and Milton Ulrich.

Banquet invitees (at least 80 percent attendance)

High school


Seniors: Erica Flores, Alex Hauk, Tayler Miles, Danielle Miller, Molly O’Hagan, Cristina Rubio, Dagan Sheply and Carson Simmons.

Juniors: Rebekah Adcox, Taylor Clark, Denise Flores, Maggie Gripka, Lauren Hughes, Megan Hummelgaard, Brooklyn Kerbaugh, Kailan Kuzmic, Makayla Leslie, Parker Osborne, Makayla Sample, Sagan Scates, Emma Slater, Haley Smith, Rachel Sparks and Lindsey Truesdell.

Sophomores: Olivia Hollingsworth, Hannah Kemp, Jo Kissinger, Shelby McDaniel, Emily Minear, Amanda Sheply, Carley Smith, Jessica Sommers, Holley Thompson, Madee Walker and Jenny Whitledge.

Freshmen: Kara Banks, Ali Bartholomew, Rachel Gumm, Annie Holton, Marisa Martin, Leah Miller,Erin Meador, CiCi Monarrez, Taylar Morgan, Kaitlyn Nelson, Kenzie Nelson, Jessica Rubio, Emma Stilgenbauer and Kaitlyn Waldeier.


Seniors: Jacob Cannon, Jeremy Carlisle, AJ Gilbert, Tucker Hollingsworth, Shawn Marin, Ian McClellan and Dylan Scates.

Juniors: Dane Erickson, Ryan Lynch, Tyler Stockman, Brady Waldeier and Ben Williams.

Sophomores: Ty Barton, Gus Dent, Garret Elston, Connor McClellan, Ben Reilly, Matt Saathoff, Cody Saladin, Brett Shelton and Tyler Zinser.

Freshmen: Tyler Ford, Cody Hardgrave, Cole Holloway, Ben Johnson, Eric McPherson, Clayton Neas, Noa Puebla, Shawn Ridihalgh, Drew Sandburg, Chase Sample, Evan Stilgenbauer, Eric Tate, Wyatt Weeks, Joseph Wolf and Conner Yates.

Middle school

Girls: Shyanne Ford, Maggie Parsons, Jessica Rouzer, McKenna Shelton, Tressa Walker and Jackie Whitledge.

Boys: Luke Aikens, Ben Clark, Greg Deveau, Grant Elston, Daniel Hipsher, Dalton Lund, Heath Martin, Kendall Parsons, Ben Pruden, Christian Tiner, Milton Ulrich and Dylan Yates.


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